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Happy Holi

28 Feb


woh pehli baar……

14 Feb

It’s been ages since we felt the first rush of adrenaline yet it feels like just yesterday when we threw those furtive glances and expected just the same back!! We’ve been infatuated and liked a million people after after that “first guy”, but HE still and will always hold an almost pristine place in our lives,won’t he?

They don’t lie when they say that Love makes the world go round!!

This is about the first guy who made you wonder and ponder over your existence,who made your heart skip a beat,who made you change your telecom company,who made you forget all your likes and dislikes,who made you forget who you really are.

It was naive,the callowness of which still gets a smile on our faces when we go through melancholy in life.But what makes me wonder is that, what is it in this love that pecularizes it from all the other loves to follow? Maybe the mere fact that it was the “FIRST” thing to happen? Or maybe the fact that,this guy was the one who became the identikit for the perfect guy we keep looking for! Ambiguous it is,and its the ambiguity of first love that makes it so special.


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