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The Fountainhead

28 Sep

I always wanted to write about THE FOUNTAINHEAD  ever since the day i finished reading it. I am sure many of us must have read this book… some would have loved and and some would have hated it. For those  of you who dont know the fountainhead  is one of the five works of fiction by Ayn Rand  who later developed the objectivist philosphy underlying all the books into series of non fiction works . She wrote  Night of january sixteen, Anthem and We the living before she wrote The Fountainhead.

The fountainhead is touted to be the best modern classics, I think its the greatest piece of work ever put down in ink. There may be some dispute among us as to which is better The Fountainhead ot Atlas Shrugged and though I give both of them their due respect, I would say that  I have a soft corner for the former.

If you were ever scorned and toss aside by your own creative ideas , then you will imediately connect with Howard Roark. Roark , a serious, young and intelligent character was expelled from the institute because his designs were ‘ just wrong ‘ while they were simply different and modern than most buildings. The book is about his struggle to make his designs a reality and he faces love , betryal, lawsuits and hatred.  I believed Roark to be a cold , cynical man in the beginning but I grew to love him and dislike those who frowned upon him. The hero fails several times, but rises again and again, not only to his own expectations , but he gained something far more interesting than he ever believed it to be possible. Roark is despised and loved , and he does not form opinions on others, he only thinks of himself. He was superlative yet effortless at anything he did . A man who thought pity and charity was a sin . In words of Ayn Rand , Howard Roark is ” a man who is what he should be”.

This book is divided into four parts based on the four types of people in this world. Against Roark was his complete opposite Ellsworth Toohey, a man who appealed to the masses . In between these two extremes was Peter Keating, one of the most successful architect, who studied with Roark in the same college but was always jealous of him  and tried to hurt him whenever he could but  still needed him.  and finally Gail Wynand, a successful businessman, a man who could have been just like Roark but lost his way  and was the one who suffered the most. There is ofcourse the heroine Dominique  Francon, who loves Roark the most but fights him till end. The book is basically the clast of ideologies with Roark winning at the end.

The fountain head is one of the greatest book i have ever read . and I confess it brazenly that this book has changed my life. Those who doubt themselves and wish to read a story of defeat and triumph tumbled into one.. and those who have plenty of time in their hand.. read THE FOUNTAINHEAD by AYN RAND.


new deewar..

28 Sep

THIRST…Awesome Presentation..

23 Sep

A must watch..I dont have anything to say..u’ll have to see it for urself to understand wat i mean..

Sambhar Lake…”Beyond Obvious Understanding!!”

21 Sep

Sambhar Lake is like a mirage in the desert…but the only difference is dat it isnt one..Its scenic beauty make it a very picturesque location..A perfect picnic spot, and dats actually why we planned to go there in the first place…The whole aroma of the place is amazing…It is actually India‘s largest salt lake, sits 96 km south west of Jaipur along National highway 8.

A look of the lake, i took from wikipedia..

At one end of the lake is the famous shakhambari temple..Shakhambari devi is considered to be the goddess who created the salt lake. The priest at the temple told us that there is a very famous myth of related to the creation of the lake, once a man came to the goddess to ask for wealth & prosperity..She told the man to start walking from the temple & keep walking in any one direction and in which ever direction he’d go the area behind him would turn into silver…but she laid one condition, & that was..if ever he turned back the whole area would turn into salt…

So, agreeing to the condition the man started walking, but after walking for a few miles..he decided to look back & see if the goddess  actually turned the area into silver…so he turned & the area turned into salt instead..& this is how the salt lake was created..

Interesting isnt it..No one knows it is true or not, but this is surely a mystical place..there are so many myths related to the village that we heard the other day, that its just not possible for me to pen them down at the moment…will do so wenever i get time..

The lake is not all that’s there…the village, the sambhar deers..& the flamingos & other birds are also what makes this place a beauty..I cant summerise this experience in words, so i thought of putting in some of the pics that i had clicked, which will speak for themselves…i dont think any explanation is required as the people who have been there are defiitely aware of the place’s beauty…Sambhar village is a tiny village away from all the grandeur & all u’ll get to see here is simplicity…This time thanks to the “Monsoon” which added a smile to our faces..the lake had plenty of water, & as the villagers said its water level is at its peak at the moment in comparison to the last few years..The sight of the lake mersmerizes the visitors as seeing such a sight in the middle of a desert is facinating..

I got this pic while searching a li’l about the geographical location of sambhar..this is the pic of some car rally which took place there..

This pic is of a Lord shiva temple located near the shakhambari temple..It gets completely submerged in the lake when the water level is high..

These two pics above are of the plane of sambhar lake taken from the top of the shakhambhari temple..this is the place where the last scene of the movie jodhaa akhbar (i.e. the fight scene) was shot..

 The pic below is of Devyani temple, here Jodhaa & Akbar got married (in reality & not in the movie)



A different perspective to..”Teamwork”..

15 Sep

Recently while surfing, I came across this presentation on “Teamwork lessons- from an age old fable”. Believe me, it was a startling presentation, the whole theme was exuberant. I thought I should share it with all of you…

This is the story of ”The Hare & The Tortoise”…

Once upon a time, the tortoise & the hare have an argument about who was faster. They decided to settle the argument with a race, & agreed upon the route & started of the race.

The hare started off very fast, & seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise he decided to take a little under a tree & then continue the race after sometime, for the tortoise was no where to be seen. So, he sat under the tree & soon fell asleep. The tortoise plodding on soon overtook him, & emerged as the undisputed champ in the race. The hare woke up & realized that he had lost.

So, the MORAL of the story is: “The slow & steady wins the race.” That’s atleast what we’ve heard.

But the twist is now further in the story..

The hare was disappointed with the defeat & did some soul-searching to find out that he had been over-confident, careless & lax. If he wouldn’t have taken things for granted he would have definitely won. So, he challenged, the tortoise for another race. This time the hare ran from start to the finish line, & won by several miles.

The MORAL of the story is: “ Fast & Consistent will always beat the Slow & Steady.”

But the story doesn’t end here…

The tortoise did some thinking this time, & realized there’s no way he can beat the Hare in a race of such a format. He thought for some time & then finally challenged the Hare to another race, at a different route this time. They started off, keeping with the promise the Hare had made to himself he ran on his top speed till he reached the bank of a river. The finish line was a few kilometers away on the other side of the river, but the hare couldn’t cross the river. So he kept sitting there & wondered what to do, while the tortoise overtook him & emerged successful.

The MORAL of the story: “First identify your core competency & then change the playing field to suite your core competency”

But the story hasn’t ended as yet..

The hare was not pleased with what had happened. So, this time he went again to the tortoise, & they decided to finish off the last race together as a team. They started off, this time the Hare carried the tortoise on his back, till they reached the river bank. & then the tortoise carried the hare on its back while it swam across the river. Then again when they reached the other side of the river the hare took over & carried the tortoise on his back.

This way both of them felt a greater sense of satisfaction & completed the race in much lesser time then earlier.

The MORAL of the story: ”Pooling resources & working as a team will always beat individual performers. So, teamwork is equally important.”

The story also teaches us a few more things:

· Never give up when faced with failure.

· Work to your competencies

· Compete against the situation & not against the rival.

Isn’t the story just too inspiring, I hope you like it as much as I did..!!

holding on memories….

9 Sep

We want something to last forever.. is it too much to ask for ?? I think NO because ‘it aint over till its over’. and OVER is a strong word. Feelings, people ,relationships, situations, thoughts seems to come and go..but they never really go away altogether. They leave something behind..a little bit of souvenir… and a little bit of themselves become a little bit of us.

I’m selfish.. I like to keep the good bits and and do away with the bad bits. I let the bad bits go to the back burner and and let them rot and get covered with dust. Its tough because its the good wits that whithers.. hold on them..

How many times are we plagued with the thought of loosing something we like very much. Its not just a passing thought now is it ? Sometimes  yo got to ‘let go’ of ‘holding on’!!

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