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Girls and Friendships

22 Jan

This is an email I received…it is so awesome i couldn’t resist sharing it..

Girls’ relationship with guys is a bigger mystery than girls themselves. It’s not just about boyfriends, we’re talking about guy friends that gals have.

Do you have a gal who is just a friend?

Are you confused why the frequency of calls increases as exams loom closer?

Or why she always hangs around with the moron who isn’t fit to wear Jeetendra’s white shoes?

Here’s a ready reckoner for you:

Just a friend: Well, you are like a show piece in her house. She will call you whenever she needs you. If you call her home the chances are 9 out of 10 times she might say, “Oh Abhi, I am going out can you call me after 2 days??”

Abhi: “Where are you going Shilpa??”

Shilpa: “None of your business” and bangs the phone.

(Useless fellow. Hmmph!).

Good Friend: You are like a TV remote control. I need you and I know that. But I try using you when I really need you.

Abhi calls: “Hi Shilpa”,

Shilpa: “Hi Abhi. I am going out with family I will call you back. Bye” (Shilpa calls back after two days)

Shilpa: “What do you want Abhi? Why did you call that day?”.

Abhi: “Generally”.

Shilpa: “Oh ok. I got to go out. Will call you later. Bye.”

Will call when she needs lecture notes or some concert tickets.

Very good friend: Well you are like the pressure cooker safety valve for the girl. She will need you when she wants to bring out her pain or anger on someone. Basically, she wants to talk to you. And you are special to her.

Shilpa: “You know Abhi, Shekhar is not eating. He doesn’t sleep and is not able to concentrate on his studies. I think he doesn’t like me anymore. And yesterday I saw him with another girl” .

Abhi: “Who is Shekhar??”

Shilpa : “My boyfriend.”

Abhi: Oh! ok. 😦

Best Friend: You are like the auto rickshaw driver. She can’t live without you. And don’t be mistaken. You are not her boyfriend. But you are allowed to take her little doggie around the park so that he (not you!) can do poo-poo. Abhi Shopping. Abhi Movie. Abhi Coffee. Abhi, you pay. I am having fun. Abhi is now sure that he should go ahead and propose. He dares.

Shilpa: “But I thought we were just friends. We should remain friends Abhi. Plus, I have a boy friend you know that.”

Abhi: What?? (Abhi drinks all night).

Best of the Bestest Friends: Ok now you are really special. You are dad-cum-boyfriend-cum-brother-cum-everything. Ultimately you are the darling servant of the girl. You take her around. You make her project. You do her assignments. You are allowed to take her doggie around. You can hold hands on the beach. You can see the sun set with her (because she wants to do everything she drags you along). But but but… don’t be mistaken. She has a boyfriend who works for a huge software company and earns 3 time the salary you earn and has a flat in Poes Garden or Boat Club or Hiranandani area.

Shilpa: “Hi Abhi. I am getting engaged to Shekhar. Shekhar this is Abhi, he is my bestest friend”.

Abhi: Hi Shekhar . (Hand shake. Shekhar breaks Abhi’s wrist).

Abhi is now heart broken and wrist broken.

Boyfriend: Uh… No comments dude. You’re already screwed



17 Jan

Sometimes in life, we don’t get what we really want. Actually, it’s very often that we don’t get what we want. And we are completely helpless to do anything about it. Do we stop wishing then? Or do we carry our wish in our hearts, a dim hope tucked away in a corner that the wishes do come true; and carry on doing what we have to do, instead of doing what we want to do?

When the choice is between what you have to do and what you want to do, and which is the right choice? Sometimes, there are only questions and we have no answers for them. And in such a state of mind, we keep up appearances – smiling, laughing, chattering as usual – all the while inwardly cringing to seek a release from all the pain. And yet, the release does not come easy. But we continue, not wanting to hurt those around us, those who love us, those who care for us… But what do we do when we get tired of all the acting? When the burden of our emotions becomes too heavy to carry?

10 things I hate about MEN

10 Jan

1) Pretentious guys are a big big put off…why cant you be what you actually are…your habit of exaggerating about yourself…would put me into hating you.

2) I hate it when i am talking and you are not looking at me, instead glancing here and there.

3) I hate it when guys try to underestimate girls…heylo..don’t even try that in front of me.

4) I hate those guys who take every girl as a bait.

5) I hate it when you try to attract attention by stupid stuff like, switching blaring music/ horn in your car..when you show off..accessories, brands…

6) Fine you know more about technical things/ gizmos/…but no need asserting that again and again.

7) I hate when you act diplomatic…..I hate it..I hate it..I hate it..!!

8) Attitude is good…but all wrong kinds in NOT ACCEPTABLE…what if you look good..noone in dis world gave you the permission.

9) I hate double standards in guys.

10) when you dont wanna share a joke..why crack it in front of us…..BLEH…..!!!

why grow up..??

9 Jan
” Hey girl..Cmon ya..just grow up” How often have we heard someone say that ? I hear it everyday .” grow up.Dont behave like a kid” I somehow dont understand why a small part of us,still refuses to grow up! I have come across many situations where the child in me is typically awake waiting to explode!.
Many a time we find that we have a hidden child inside us which we refuse to bring out for obvious reasons.But i still feel the urge to shout,scream,giggle,express,comment,sulk on every thing happening around me!
There were so many instances where i discovered the child in me.A soul inside me,who still needs attention,who loves to be pampered,who sulks for the silliest reasons,who still fusses around for things that can be ignored! But still all that i hear is….”U are 20+…its high time u grow up!”
Do we really need to grow up?Ask me..i hate growing up.Sometimes i feel i haven’t achieved anything becoming so big.What have i learnt watching elders around me? What have i gained by knowing all the bad things happening around us.The innocent part of me has probably been crushed some where.
I bet most of us have a hidden child in us which never comes out.Try bringing it out.It does bring a sort of happiness which cannot be replaced by any damn thing!

Happy New Year

1 Jan


So 2010 is finally here… feels awesome 🙂 hope this year is going to be fantastic .. yes it will be ( keeping my fingers crossed)

Life has been tough of late… painful yes but not miserable…

Lots of lessons learnt in the last year… Like

1) Its ok if every body doesn’t like you… people take jealousy far too seriously than they should.. And to no fault of ours point guns at us…..

Lesson: move on … its ok to be not liked by all… your life won’t be any less significant

2) Have things straight in your mind and heart, once your conscience is clear don bother about the world… we can’t yell out our intentions and purpose to the world

Lesson: be a bit of” I Don’t Care” person 🙂 its really fun

3) Things don get better crying about them… or feeling hurt or miserable…

Lesson: put on your dancing shoes… Get moving…Swing your butt and feel the crispness of air… remember in this vast universe u r just a speck… So enjoy 🙂

4) Not all dreams get true

Lesson: Life is not always a bed of rose you have to deal with the thorns.

5) The last one….. Do a lot of introspection and pray to “The Heavens Above”

Lesson: there’s a lot to life than that catches our eye…. the supreme architect does exist … let this truth sink in and your journey would be a lot smoother 🙂

Bye 2009. I seriously don’t want this year or likewise to come back ever in my Life. I have so many complains to 2009. Really it was 70 % bad and 30 % Good. The good part is only that i learnt  lessons from those worst experiences

Well leave all these craps of 2009 and Move on with smile for welcoming 2010. So here I am with the new soul Happily welcoming 2010 and hoping for the Best in this Year. I hope 2010 will come with lots of good surprises for me and for everyone 🙂


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