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Happy Friendship Day..!!

22 Jul

Its been a year since we started this blog, and one of my first post was on “Friendship Day”…Here i am again, writing on the same topic, but things have changed completely now. 

Now, that college is over, the meaning of friends has changed in my life.  With each passing day, you realize the importance of people around you, and of those people there are a selected bunch of “Friends”…

This poem i wrote for a very special friend of mine, but today i dedicate it to all my lovely friends on the special occasion of “Friendship day”…


You filled my life with happiness, when i was sad,

You filled my life with love, when i felt deserted,

You filled my life with colors, when it was black ‘n white,

You filled my life with music, when it was boring,

You filled my life with care & affection, when it hurt the most,

You lighted up my life, when it was dark,

You filled my life with “me”, & made me discover myself,

You filled my life with “Life”, & taught me the true meaning of life..,


You tolerated all my mood swings, my jitters, my tantrums,my crazy self; Today i THANK YOU, for all you gave me, for all you did for me and for everything i mean to you. I miss you a lot!!

These images i got in a lovely email from some lovely friends, so i though i should put them too, i hope u like them…!!

This is for everybody who loves their friends as much as i do, Love ya ‘ol..!!

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