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relations around us…..

26 Dec
You pass through life, touching others. Some just brush past you and others leave behind parts of themselves that mold into you … in the form of memories or habits. These are the people you love being with, for example Friends. They help you grow, they laugh with you, they make you feel good for being you, accepting you as you are, they are there to listen or just spend a few hours with and much much more.
On the other end of the spectrum, your life is surrounded by people whom you just can’t connect with. Those who you’ve never been able to deal with,like or understand. They are everything you hate. You wish you could justrid of them, but you are tied to them by acquaintance or relations, cursed to bear the brunt of their presence whenever they deem fit to be with you. You run at the first chance you get avoiding them at all costs, only doing your duties as formality requires.
In the middle somewhere are those few who you are tied to by the strings of heart or obligations. You wish they could understand you. You want them to know who you are but somehow you know they will never understand. It’s a one way street, however you put it. You know it would be better if you could break off the ties but you never leave, and you keep coming back, because you care or you owe them or if nothing else, you appreciate all that they’ve done for you once upon a time. They may or may not make you feel the worst but in may ways you are who you are because of them. Other times you are just programmed to care, even though you hate yourself.
In the end I guess every relation is a chemical equation. Some just work, other’s need a catalyst, some give an extra by product as a plus and others just Don’t work. And we just have to live with it all !!!


22 Dec

T R U S T is simply a five-letter word but there is nothing bigger and more complicated than this. Every relationship in this world, irrespective of how big or small they are, must have the required level of trust in it. And when it comes to love then trust is the only thing that keeps the relationship going.

I was just pondering as to why is trust so important in our lives. We must have discussed about this so many time with our friends but it is a never-ending debate topic with constant flow of arguments and objections. The truth, which no can can deny, is that trust is as delicate as a glass which can be broken even by the most gentle breeze. And once broken it would take the strongest adhesive to put it back together and would still carry a mark forever. Sadly, trust is no different.

The reason why i am using the word trust in every sentence is because I want to emphasize on it to a great extent.we have always been taught that anything done in extreme limits is bad. Likewise, trusting somebody to a great extent is bad. Yes, there are no two doubts about that. People who are gullible and who trust people easily are nothing but emotional fools. All through my life, I have come across a number of people who make a fool out of themselves without realising the depth of the pit they have put their foot into. These people gain nothing but definitely loose their confidence and not to forget self respect.

There is no “one” rule about how to trust somebody, how much to trust and when to trust. It just comes through experience and sometimes through our own sufferings. The least we can do is to keep our hearts pure lest the sound of the broken trust will be loud enough to deafen our ears…

You cant make it feel right, when you know its wrong..!!!!!!!!!

18 Dec

How long can u hold on to something? There are times when you know things are not going right and a part of you tells you to let go and move on and then when you’re all prepared to do so hear these voice inside your head telling you to stick with it and go with the flow. You opt for the easier way out ..and u agree. In a way, you test yourself .”things might get fine, just some more days” tell yourself. Day in and out, you come up with stuff to console yourself and make yourself believe that everything will be back to normal. Patience, that’s all you need.
Sadly, that’s not all ..Its a massive thing..this P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

So ya, how long do you put up with this? The breaking point is bound to occur one day or the other..When u just can’t take it anymore. You’ve tested your patience enough. At the end, whats happened? Situations are the same, nothing’s changed, its just you who’s more screwed up than ever.

This is the time, to get up..dust yourself and just let go. That one moment which makes u realize that you’ve been tightly holding on to something which was just not yours and maybe isn’t meant to be. A difficult phase but the time when you realize that the breaking point has arrived gives you a weird kind of happiness. You feel liberated. All these days, you were caged by your own thoughts..Now you’re free.

The concluding factor of this whole ‘mess’ is change. It sucks. At least, I completely detest it. That’s why, I always prefer sticking to something more ‘comforting’..Something that is more familiar to me ..only to realize its better to move on and let things be ..because im no one to change the way a person feels.

Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness

12 Dec

I don’t know if money can buy lasting happiness but I strongly believe that money can buy happiness. A lot of happiness! (I can hear people scream already. I am coming to what money cannot buy.) Money at least brings you that momentary joy. It may be short-lived, it may be transient, but the point is, it makes you happy. Let’s get real!

Call me materialistic or brand me shallow but material possessions do make me happy. The more the number of zeroes, the happier I am. A new dress revives my flagging spirits, hip clothes make me happy, a new piece of furniture enlivens my living area, a trendy bag boosts my happiness quotient, a new footwear brings me joy, cosmetics and accessories make my day!I’m speaking with utmost candor and honesty here!

Now I’m not saying I need a Lexus to make me happy. I’m not saying I need that diamond-studded bridal gown to make me happy . I’m not saying if I had this this this, I’d be a happier person. I am not wallowing in self-pity whilst comparing myself to the girl-next-door. Do not misconstrue my statement. But what the hell, money makes life easier…a lot lot lot easier!

It’s a natural, deep-seated human trait to crave for more. If you have a sea-facing apartment, you pin your hopes on a sea-facing bungalow. But isn’t being satisfied being complacent?

I also know ‘true happiness’ comes from within, from forging deep human connections, from relationships, from giving, from spiritual wealth and not material wealth. But enjoying material pleasures is no sin! And is happiness not eluding the so-called happy people who condemn worldly pleasures?

I know money also buys you fake friends, pretentious relatives, flattery, stress and even problems on your way up. Even the Ambanis are battling their share of problems; even the legendary L.N Mittal might not be sleeping peacefully. Even the famed investor Warren Buffet is not a stress-free man but even the roadside beggar cannot sleep on his empty stomach, even the average middle classer worries himself to sleep! Even the slum dweller living out a meagre existence is a worried man!

I have no qualms about proclaiming that money is the much needed prescription for unhappiness and frustration. It at least resolves a huge chunk of your problems if not all your problems.

I also know… Money can buy a bed, but not sleep. Food, but not appetite. House, but not home. But I cannot imagine my life without money and the material happiness it guarantees. This happiness may be fleeting but even relationships come with an expiry date…this does not mean we snap ties with people! The human life comes with an expiry date…this does not mean we stop living! Why single out material happiness then?

The equation between happiness and money is a conundrum. I know this topic is subjective, it’s hugely debatable so let me conclude by saying money can rent happiness, but not buy happiness

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