Mahatma Gandhi

14 Nov

The Election wave has hit India & once again we as citizens are pondering over what went wrong during the last elections, how can we capitalize from our power of vote in the coming elections.

In the middle of this hue & cry is the common man whose position hasn’t changed a bit since our independence. We are all familiar with our Indian “Common Man”, he is still overworked/idle, fighting over life/hunger/money/cast/home/job. And he continues to worship & search for Mahatma Gandhi on many occasions…

While most of our politicians/bureaucrats literally worship Gandhi (On Currency Notes) they do choose to remember him each year on his Birth & Death Anniversary when they choose to finally clean & decorate Gandhi Ji’s Statues/ Photos in Government Office Premises.

On the other hand, the Citizens are still searching for the rise of a Gandhi from amongst the today’s generation who can bring upon a revolution and save them from their problems. There is no end to how long this topic can be stretched.

I came across a very meaningful poem written by Mrs. Kusum Haldiya, attributing the same dilemma which I am sharing below:

वापिस आओ बापू

बापू देखो ! भारत को दानव निगल रहे,
गाँव शहर खेत खलियान, सब सहमे से लग रहे,
बापू तुम्हारे त्याग को, बापू तुम्हारी आन को,
बापू तुम्हारे बहुरूपिये चहुँओर छल रहे|

पहले मुनिया की किलकारी सुन चहके थी महतारी,
आज उसी का कृन्दन सुन काँपे है धरती सारी,
देख कलयुगी बापुओं का रूप व्यभिचारी,
हर और मची है त्राहि, क्या यही है नियति हमारी|

तुमने आजादी दे, चमकादी किस्मत हमारी,
फिर भी आज हमें है लगता, छली जा रही आन हमारी,
हे अहिंसा के उपासक, सत्य के पुजारी,
कहाँ गुम हो रही है महत्ता तुम्हारी,
आओ बापू फिर से आओ, हम सबका उद्धार करो,
सत्य, अहिंसा और धर्म का फिर से तुम आगाज़ करो|


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