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A Drop of Rain (बारिश की बूँद)

10 Jun

बारिश की बूँद

जेठ की तपिश से बेहाल मुनिया, झोपड़ी से तक रही दुनिया |
सावन को तरसती, किसान की खेती |
आसमान तकती, बच्चों की टोली |
बादलों की गडगडाहट, दे रही बूंदों की आहट |
लुकाछुप्पी करती सूरज की किरणें, आसमान में छाई इन्द्रधनुषी घटा |
तीज के त्योंहार पर, दुल्हनों का मन खाए हिचकोले, हरे भरे पेड़ों पर डल गए हिंडोले |
सौंधी माटी की खुशबु, मेंढकों और झींगुर की गुफ्तगु |
गरजती बरसती आई बूँदें, भीगा दिया जन जीवन |
पहाड़ों के बीच बहता झरना, नदियों और तालाबों का भरना |
बारिश की एक बूँद, दे गयी खुशियाँ, नाच उठी झोपड़ी में मुनिया |

– इशिता गुप्ता


And the translation in English:

A Drop of Rain

Sitting inside a hut, bound by the scortching heat,
Staring outside the window, without skipping a beat,
She saw the thirsty farm lands & the plight of kids around,
Then came the clouds with the thundering sound,
While the clouds and sun, played Hide-n-seek,
God drew a rainbow, across sky’s cheek,
For it was the Indian Festival and Brides were replete,
Hammocks put on trees, painting the picture complete,
The smell of wet mud and the noisy frogs,
Welcomed the downpour, engulfed the surroundings,
A fresh stream of waterfall rushed down the mountain,
Tiny little droplets on her face, and the natural fountain,
Her baby feet ran to the door, dancing in Joy,
A drop of rain made her chuckle and coy.

– Ishita Gupta

Img Src: http://www.shoot4change.net/one-hour-under-the-monsoon-rain-una-hora-bajo-la-lluvia-del-monzon/

The aura of “Pink” city….!!!

25 Nov

With the beautiful weather engulfing the city since the past few days, I have discovered a new attraction with the “pink city”…be it the calm and serene surrounding or the closeness to nature…

Despite the fact that ever since I was born I have practically never moved out of this place, I suddenly feel more connected with the city. The reason being that this has been more than just my birthplace to me, and this year, with the romantic weather engulfing the city every now and then…I have started to appreciate the serenity, beauty and stillness of this place. Better late than never I’d say…

Walking down the road when you see the aravalli hills smitten by the fog…the drops of rain still frozen on tree leaves with the last night rainfall…and the birds chirruping like never before…your mind travels through a plethora of new found love.

Getting drenched in the rain, eating spicy pakoras and roof top coffee outings have added to the flavor of the season, with the occasional foggy-chilly days making me yearn for visiting Nahargarh/ Jaigarh to be a part of the clouds, fly high like a free bird and have a breathtaking view of this glorious and momentous city.

This season I have realized a few more reasons as to why our pink city is called “PINK” city…

  • In winters your cheek and nose are bound to get pink with the chilly mornings and nights…
  • The cozy atmosphere might make you blush just thinking of your love…and you’d go pink 😉
  • The historic monuments from where you can get a breathtaking view of the city…have broken walls at some places so it might make you “pink” from the fear of tripping down…though i seriously hope you dont face the embarrassment 😉 lol

Now, I also have a collection of some moments I captured during the oh-so-romantic-weather …clicked by my itsy bitsy mobile phone camera…!!!

Happy Winters!!!

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