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28 Aug

I got this link from one of my friend and thought I’d pass it on. This site helps you to improve your vocabulary while donating rice to the UN WORLD FOOD PROGRAM.

So while you are sitting at your desk and wondering how to kill time, why not help a person somewhere else  in the world  get a meal.


slaughterhouse ethics

17 Aug

In a village, there was a slaughterhouse, its owner, butchers and many goats. As time passed the number of goats increased in the slaughterhouse but number of butchers was same.

The owner thought instead of looking for new butchers, lets make one of the goat a butcher. He had a doubt in his mind that a goat might not fit into butchers role, but then he thought “Lets take a chance and see how it goes. If this experiment succeeds I can make other goats a butcher.”

The owner picked one wise goat and told him, “I want to make you a butcher, are you ready for this?”.
Wise goat thought this is a good opportunity and said, “Yes.”

Next day the Wise goat came dressed like a butcher. As per rotation policy, it was turn of a goat who was the best friend of the wise goat to get slaughtered. The wise goat grabbed his best friend with a knife in hand.

All other goats cried, “Wise goat, you are one of us, how can you do this. Don’t you have any ethics?”

I am a butcher now, and to slaughter goats is my role. When I have a role to play I don’t care about ethics and emotions.”, wise goat replied and slaughtered his friend.

I believe if you are a faint hearted goat, don’t become a butcher. Once you become butcher be ready to slaughter any goat.

If you were in place of the wise goat what would have you done?

The new Economy Emergism

6 Aug

You must have heard of capitalism, communism…. but these are old hats. The new age …isms’ followed by the companies are different.

Emerging ‘isms’ of the new economy (Courtesy The Economic Times)


You have a 1000 poor cows. You put them on a nice campus, & send them one at a time to the US for milking.




You have 10 cows. You make them work so that they give milk of 100 cows




GE has a cow. You take 49% of the milk.




Intel has a Goat. Samsung has a Camel. Buy milk from both & sell it as Cow’s milk.



You have old stubborn cows. You sell them as pet dogs to innocent small businessmen.




You have a cow. Force the world to buy milk from you. Spend a million dollars to feed poorer cows.




You have a bull. It doesn’t give milk. You hate Microsoft.





You have a cow. You don’t know which side to milk, so you sell tools to help milk cows.



You have a cow. You sell iMilk.

You have a cow. You spend $50 mn to develop the world’s thinnest milk




You have a donkey. People think you have a 100-year old cow. If someone finds out, that’s his imagination at work

Jaipur by nite…

4 Aug

While all my friends outside the city keep poking my head as to what’s happening in the city now & then…this is the latest update from what Jaipurites recently experienced thanx to CII & the Dept. of Tourism(Govt. of Raj.)…What an experience had it been…The jaipur by nite organized by CII to promote tourism industry in jaipur was an exuberant event…full of colors, energy & beauty…the event had it all…from the topshots of the state, the tourists to the equally excited media…Of the three day event i got to attend the event on just the 2 days i.e. 1st & 2nd aug’08…

Day-1 (01-08-08)

Venue:The City Palace

The inaugural ceremony on the day1 was at city palace in the evening..Amidst the lights & the beautiful decor…The City Palace looked stunning…It seemed as if it sprang back to life, leaving one to visualize what it would have been like in the days of yore… As cars, scooters, pedestrians jostled with each other for space in the Walled City, the well-lit palace stood a quiet spectator to the verve and enthusiasm… The roads leading to it apparently fell short of space for its visitors…

At the entrance of the palace well-decked elephants stood guard to the venue as the first event of the first day of the three-day festivity ‘Jaipur by Nite’ kicked off inside the City Palace…The mahauts sitting atop the elephants, engrossed in mobile conversation, stayed pretty impassive to large crowds that made a bee-line to watch top models walk down the ramp in the royal precincts… Rose petals & guldawdi made for spectacular ‘rangoli’ on the floor lending an air of celebration as their aroma wafted through the cool breeze…

The models had flown in from Delhi especially for the event…the fashion show followed right after the lighting of the lamp around 8pm…Juxtaposing the ancient with the modern, the courtyard inside reverberated to the fusion music by ‘Rajasthan Roots’ as the models transformed the rural weave of Rajasthan into well cut contemporary attires…while the models walked the ramp in their pretty attires at the tune of the soothing music by the band the audience was completely immersed in the beautiful ambience of the palace, the music & even the weather…

It was truly an event of indulgence…the beverages, the gastronomic delights…& the shopping bazaar set-up inside the palace where one could pick up handicrafts, apparel, jewelry, foot-wear etc..Besides this another good part of the event was the dinner…We being the support sponsors of the event had delegate passes which entitled us to a special dinner with His Highness Bhawani Singh, his wife Her Highness Padmini Devi & their daughter the gorgeous Princess Diya…We actually got to talk to the one & only Maharaja of Jaipur…He’s just so polite & humble, that it makes u proud to have a person ike him to look forward to…It was fun talking to him…

The evening ended on a very bright note lightning in us the fire of excitement of what the second day of Jaipur by nite is going to hold for us…All of us were very eagerly looking forward to it & to our surprise it was even bigger & better than what we were expecting…








Venue1:The Amer Fort

At the Amer fort we were again struck in a long vehicle jam for parking, but just after a few minutes we found a safe place for our car…The gates to the entrance of Amer had been sealed a little before the actual gate..& a bus service was provided from there to the Kesar Kyaari where the next event was to take place…We instead choose to walk the distance as the weather was extremly pleasant…A new road has been built on the inner side, parallel to the main road (for all those who have been to Amer fort before will get my point, others move to next para..) This road has been built across the little lake around Kesar Kyaari where once boating & fishing were done, but now as since so long there has been no water. this lake was used as the parking space & the bridge to the kesar kyaari…

At kesar kyaari a restraunt has been built on whose roof top was the event being organised…The event was “the light & sound show at Amer fort in Big-B’s voice, with the lyrics written by none other than Gulzaar himself”…What we saw next cant be fully described in words for the display was spectacular..& i’d recommend evrybody to go there once & see it for themselves…as now the light & sound will be open for tourists & general public daily, round the year…

From there we were headed to our next destination for that night…

Venue2:The Jaigarh

After the not so immense drive to Jaigarh in our car…we finally landed there in some 20min…The entrance to the fort had been beautifully covered by camel-carts, elephants,horses & rangolies ofcourse…From the main gate to the inner entrance we were taken on a camel-cart…hmmm…on the way there were groups of various traditional dancers dancing…singing…making the whole environment very galla…

Once inside…from there on the whole path on both sides had been beautifully covered by rose petals & big mashaal’s on both sides…in the mid-way of that path there were some artists performing dangerous fire tricks…i wonder how they did it with so much ease…but it was definitely an eye-opener…then we were led into another series of groups all playing different sorts of music, different instruments & singing some rajasthani song…All of this depicted just how vast the culture of rajasthan is leave aside the whole of India…Then there were a series of arrows inside a bhool bhulaiya pathway leading us to the final lawn inside the fort where the whole event had been organised…The pathway had been lit by the pipe like-lights(generally used around diwali everywhere for decoration) & rose petals on the floor…

Once we reached the main lawn, there the decor was mind blowing…At one moment of time it so happened that all of us were aually discussing about the kind of royal life our Maharajas led inside such forts…The decor of the garden was also breath taking…The lightings used in the decor highlighted the fort very  beautifully…There were various cushioned couches put every where around the garden so as to provide comfort to the guests…The beverages & snacks were served there itself…We then relaxed there on one of the couches for the next few hours…all this while there was anothe rajasthani band playing folk music adding soothing backround music for the guests to jive to…

There was also a little night bazaar as the previous day…but this time it also had a kathputli show…& a very aged man with a hookah telling tales about the fort…Then we went on to take our dinner…The dinner was in another porch like area…which was actually very much bigger than a porch (but i had no other word to describe it basically)…there was another rajasthani band playing folk music for the diners…

Happy friendship day!!!

1 Aug

Well with friendship day round the corner…i felt to make this friendship day a little special for all my lovely friends out there…So friends this one’s especially for all of u…

Since the day we became friends ...u have made each day of my life so beautiful…n have been there with me through all the good and the bad times…i guess if not for you then i wouldn’t have understood the meaning of friendship…Don’t take it as flattery, for the reason I’m writing this post is just to make u realize how special u are to me…as friendship is about letting your friends know how much you love them and care for them. As we have heard it innumerable times

“True friends are there with you when the world may not be on your side”

…So i guess its my turn to write in a little about my so sweet friends

I may not have been with you at all the times when you were low, but i always tried my best to be by your side, to be with you in the best way possible…One thing that always say all my friends is

“Dont walk ahead of me, I may not follow,

Dont walk behind me, I may not lead,

But, Walk by my side…& be my friend…”

Your simple ways to reach out to me and being there for me with your full fledged support is what has made me hold on tight to u…I dunno how you do this, but you make all my problems look so tiny, n yet so manageable…your modesty, your attitude towards life has always inspired me…

I dont have a big list of friends, but the little bunch of friends that i have is more than enough for me to hold on to…They mean the world to me…Our fights, our arguments, our heated up discussions, no matter how often we end our conversation with the same…but we still end up caring more and more about each other & that is the beauty of our friendship…

I treasure our friendship, & will never forget you all my life…for you are the cutest thing in my life…[:)] This inexplicable bonding is what is required between friends to have a healthy and happy life…and i hope it stays like this forever…Life without friendship is like “The Sky without the sun ” & “The flowers without their colours“…thats the reason why i dont want to let go of u…The times that i have spent with you, have been the most memorable of them all & when i think of them i wish that we could go back in those times…

I am the most happiest when you are around…I read it somewhere that

“FRIENDS ARE LIKE THE STREET LIGHTS…along d road…they dont make the distance any shorter but they LIGHT UP THE PATH n MAKE THE WALK WORTHWHILE”

…No one’s perfect, & so am I, but with you by my side i dont think i need to be perfect as we together are perfect…Nobody can take your place in my life…

So, today i confess that i wouldnt have been the person i am without you in my life…You have changed me, & u mean the whole world to me…Always be with me as you have been & i promise to be with you forever…Times change, people change, but friends dont change…so no matter how much be the distance between us, no matter how often we speak on phone, no matter how many times we get to meet in a year…you are very very very special to me & will always be…what actually matters is our bonding, our understanding, and our friendship…I really hope that it lasts forever…

 Happy Friendship Day

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