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The story behind the Geek Gods…!!!

5 Oct

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep!” -GOT

IITians appear to be enthusiastic, ambitious and an epitome of confidence to the outside world. The truth is hidden behind their name tags.

The commoners like to know what their batch IIT breed is upto and then blindly follow it as a new trend. For instance, the crazy tech fests, co-curricular clubs, placement companies, craze for package, start-up culture and even the guitar mania. All of it has risen from the IITs at one point or the other and the engineering “Janta” throughtout the country has copy pasted it in their college lives. For people in remote cities with no access to the IIT Geek Gods, telecasts on channels like MTV showcasing “Campus Life in IIT are enough to create a trend.

Amidst all this hullabaloo the IITians learn to enjoy the “Demigod Status” offered to them consistently. But does this affect them? Well, who wouldn’t enjoy having a fan following. So, they begin by pretending to not be affected by the world outside, only concerned with taking interest in the “Important talks”.

Despite living this God life, just like us they also learn to bury the hatchet while silently burning the midnight oil to ensure they can actually make a successful career for themselves after graduating. Their local celebrity status (within their coaching/apartment/society/colony/school) simply boosts their ego but that is not enough to score even average CGPA in the esteemed university of toppers.

Even Arvind Kejriwal seems to have benefited while rising into politics due to his IIT Kgp education. Do we not have educated ministers in other parties? Yes, we do. Did we give them the welcome and status that was offered to Mr. Kejriwal? No, because they were’nt IITians.

We are an easy to understand nation with only two dreams – IIT/IIM for education & US for Job. IIMs may be more accessible to a majority of the crowd who werent even eligible for JEE because of their arts/commerce background, the class of respect for IITians is still unmatched. Even international recognition for IIT is miles ahead of IIMs.

In a nation where being a minority status is all anyone desires, unintelligent commoners like us can never forget their days of self-loathing after not clearing the JEE, when we choose to rejoice 10 years later simply by thinking that we are not alone and somehow still ended up living a happy life!


….the melodrama of “LOVE”

25 Dec

Now frankly speaking the truth, i feel this is one of the most talked about topic amongst all of us…i.e. by “the youngistan 😉 ” What do i say its just so lovely to even think of love…and all of you out there who have been in it, can very well understand what i am talking about…

You say it every day. “I love you” “I love you” “I love you” Sometimes, even multiple times of day.

So how would you know when to stop saying it?

I’ve repeated the phrase so many times I feel brainwashed. I haven’t even questioned it – until recently…hmmm…its not that i met someone special or anything of that sorts for that matter..its just dat i was suddenly struck by d feeling that we use these 3 words more than often..n so many times that u dont know whether they still hold the same meaning to u or not..

Just as everybody says Love is the most beautiful feeling that can happen to anybody…anytime…any place whatsoever…But i also agree that love is blind, as once in love you tend to overlook your partner’s fallacies…

Love is like a dream…you dont wanna wake up as you fear that the dream might get over…you want to keep dreaming…stay in that wonderland forever…but then just as you think everything’s so perfect & so true…something unwanted & unexpected & ofcourse least desirable happens and it seems like the end of it…Its seems a disastrous situation at the moment and crying for hours to go non-stop, not talking to anybody, not eating food, becomes a habit…But once you’re out of the situation is when you realize such a big fool you were to even believe in anything like dat!!!

Well this happens with everybody, nowadays everybody has a gf/bf and pretend as if that’s their world…and not just that some of them already begin taking each other as their spouse. Now that surprises me, I don’t believe in all this…This hypocrisy makes me feel sick…How can you trust a person so badly & so madly to the extent of being blindfolded and then at the end of it, be dumped by him/her.

People have no work, or may be they can “manage it”…that’s what I get as an answer from my friends…What they can’t answer is what kinda love is this, where you keep dumping your partner, go find someone else, & this goes on & on like a chain…Even those people who stick to a partner are not loyal…& for those who are loyal, how many of them keep up with their promise of marriage?? Everybody shivers just at the thought of getting married…Unspeakable relationships…You keep hiding them for the sake of everybody else…& at the end of the day sit at home cry your heart out & run to your friend for company…Earlier when everything was normal, those poor friends felt neglected & even upset…but then you had no time for them, now you expect them to be there for you…help you out of the situation…How mean…isn’t it??

The Hardest Thing In Life Isn’t Finding The One You Luv,
It’s Making The One You Luv…Luv you Back..!!

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