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The IIT Obsession

27 Aug

Its not them, its us!!

I’ve seen Indians irrespective of their age obsessing over IIT. It is not wrong though, these were the first universities formed in the newly independent India and the government itself calls them – institutes of national importance (List of Institutes of National Importance).

Adults in the Indian society at first, try to force their children to get admission into it…when that doesn’t work out they succumb to finding their children an IITian life partner. Even if their child is a non-IITian, their first preference becomes an IITian spouse by default.

After years of waiting and seeing this “fad” continue year after year, the lowest of all lows in my opinion is this- How to snag an IIT-IIM husband: The definitive guide for the ambitious Indian girl – Firstpost

Yet, among all this hullabaloo we Indians, are quick to point a finger at an IITian claiming they are trying to gain advantage of that degree, they leverage it to get the best girls, they are desperate due to the near extinction, endangered female species in the IITs, they are contributing to brain drain, they are wasting the tax payers money by not giving back to the society…blah blah blah… These points lead to discussions which are endless & pointless.

We have in the mean time forgotten that life of an IITian is what makes them stand apart. Let me sum it up for you ->

The best of minds pulled into a single classroom, put through excruciating engineering degrees (often taken up despite being not of their choice but because it helps them secure a seat in the coveted IIT), passing in all those shitty subjects (whose syllabus & teaching methodologies haven’t been revised ever since the institution was conceptualized), living in hostels that are more like animal shelters (prisons shown in movies are far better) and getting placed for a big fat package (thereafter leaving it to start-up and connect with some VC).

With so much on their platter I doubt if they enjoy the unwarranted talks over them, and this obsession if anything only adds more pressure on them.

So, I feel we should all let it go! Yes, our IITians need appreciating, but I am sure you will agree that there’s a fine line to cross before you start obsessing. Let’s try and drive away from it while we can!


Happy Republic Day

26 Jan


Sambhar Lake…”Beyond Obvious Understanding!!”

21 Sep

Sambhar Lake is like a mirage in the desert…but the only difference is dat it isnt one..Its scenic beauty make it a very picturesque location..A perfect picnic spot, and dats actually why we planned to go there in the first place…The whole aroma of the place is amazing…It is actually India‘s largest salt lake, sits 96 km south west of Jaipur along National highway 8.

A look of the lake, i took from wikipedia..

At one end of the lake is the famous shakhambari temple..Shakhambari devi is considered to be the goddess who created the salt lake. The priest at the temple told us that there is a very famous myth of related to the creation of the lake, once a man came to the goddess to ask for wealth & prosperity..She told the man to start walking from the temple & keep walking in any one direction and in which ever direction he’d go the area behind him would turn into silver…but she laid one condition, & that was..if ever he turned back the whole area would turn into salt…

So, agreeing to the condition the man started walking, but after walking for a few miles..he decided to look back & see if the goddess  actually turned the area into silver…so he turned & the area turned into salt instead..& this is how the salt lake was created..

Interesting isnt it..No one knows it is true or not, but this is surely a mystical place..there are so many myths related to the village that we heard the other day, that its just not possible for me to pen them down at the moment…will do so wenever i get time..

The lake is not all that’s there…the village, the sambhar deers..& the flamingos & other birds are also what makes this place a beauty..I cant summerise this experience in words, so i thought of putting in some of the pics that i had clicked, which will speak for themselves…i dont think any explanation is required as the people who have been there are defiitely aware of the place’s beauty…Sambhar village is a tiny village away from all the grandeur & all u’ll get to see here is simplicity…This time thanks to the “Monsoon” which added a smile to our faces..the lake had plenty of water, & as the villagers said its water level is at its peak at the moment in comparison to the last few years..The sight of the lake mersmerizes the visitors as seeing such a sight in the middle of a desert is facinating..

I got this pic while searching a li’l about the geographical location of sambhar..this is the pic of some car rally which took place there..

This pic is of a Lord shiva temple located near the shakhambari temple..It gets completely submerged in the lake when the water level is high..

These two pics above are of the plane of sambhar lake taken from the top of the shakhambhari temple..this is the place where the last scene of the movie jodhaa akhbar (i.e. the fight scene) was shot..

 The pic below is of Devyani temple, here Jodhaa & Akbar got married (in reality & not in the movie)