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Happy Friendship Day..!!

22 Jul

Its been a year since we started this blog, and one of my first post was on “Friendship Day”…Here i am again, writing on the same topic, but things have changed completely now. 

Now, that college is over, the meaning of friends has changed in my life.  With each passing day, you realize the importance of people around you, and of those people there are a selected bunch of “Friends”…

This poem i wrote for a very special friend of mine, but today i dedicate it to all my lovely friends on the special occasion of “Friendship day”…


You filled my life with happiness, when i was sad,

You filled my life with love, when i felt deserted,

You filled my life with colors, when it was black ‘n white,

You filled my life with music, when it was boring,

You filled my life with care & affection, when it hurt the most,

You lighted up my life, when it was dark,

You filled my life with “me”, & made me discover myself,

You filled my life with “Life”, & taught me the true meaning of life..,


You tolerated all my mood swings, my jitters, my tantrums,my crazy self; Today i THANK YOU, for all you gave me, for all you did for me and for everything i mean to you. I miss you a lot!!

These images i got in a lovely email from some lovely friends, so i though i should put them too, i hope u like them…!!

This is for everybody who loves their friends as much as i do, Love ya ‘ol..!!


A Pool of CAKES for my b’day..!!

13 Dec

Now what do i say, i had big b’day celebration this year. With my mom dad out of town on my b’day first i felt it would be really boring & lonely. But frankly speaking my frnds & my relatives made up for it. The reason i had a big b’day bash was ‘coz  the b’day celebrations started on 11th dec. I had a blast wid my skool frnds. Then i got innumerable phone calls & sms’es starting right from 6pm on 11th till 2am on 12th night that is..All my frnds remembered & wished me, that was one of the most special moments i felt after such a long time. 

Then things dint end here & finally on 12th i.e. my b’day i got a lovely surprise. In the afternoon one of frnds Khyati dropped by my place along with some lovely roses & i loved it. In the evening one of my office staff took me to office for some work & there i found out..they had a little party planned for me. (This is the 1st cake for my b’day you can start counting cakes from now even you’ll be shocked)..There was a cake sent in by my Mom Dad..I am sure they must have instructed my office staff to do so. Then on top of it was a big bouqet. Oh My GOD!!! At one point i felt this was too much. I felt overwhelmed.

Then as if this was not enough i had another cake lined up about which i had no clue either!! (Lookout for the 2nd cake…lol)..Then i had to go to my Nani’s place as i had my cousin’s marriage that day. So as i reached there i found everybody had a little cute cake there for me. As there was no time for a party, the cake was all they could do for me. Besides that i also got loads & loads of gifts & chocolates from my cousins. Now then we went to the marriage & the celebrations had almost come to an end, just the phone calls & sms’es had not.

Then on 13th morning i got another cake from one of my fathers friends’ (that was another surprise & the 3rd cake ofcourse, i hope u r still counting)..For the same day afternoon i had planned a big party with my college frnds. So there at lunch we had another blast, lotsa masti & 2 cakes were brought there for me. One to put on my face & hair & the second one ofcourse for me. (The count has reached 5 cakes now.) Well again i got loads of gifts & chocolates (oh i love them!!) as i had invited so many frnds…he he he…Can’t express how happy i am at the moment writing this.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough i have a 6th cake lined up in queue for me at my mama’s place which i am going to cut around 8pm. This i came to know right now just a minute ago. So now the count reaches 6 cakes..!!! so what do u have to say to that?? speechless isn’t it?? even i am…

A little unbelievable but true, i am actually on cloud 9..Seems like i am in a sweet dream which i dont wanna end. How much i love cakes… i realized that even after having so many of them, i can still have even more..!!!

I forgot to mention out of all this, my birthday was on 12th dec. Thank You AYU for such a big surprise for me. I felt really very special that night when i came online & saw that post. You are indeed my bestest frnd.

Happy friendship day!!!

1 Aug

Well with friendship day round the corner…i felt to make this friendship day a little special for all my lovely friends out there…So friends this one’s especially for all of u…

Since the day we became friends ...u have made each day of my life so beautiful…n have been there with me through all the good and the bad times…i guess if not for you then i wouldn’t have understood the meaning of friendship…Don’t take it as flattery, for the reason I’m writing this post is just to make u realize how special u are to me…as friendship is about letting your friends know how much you love them and care for them. As we have heard it innumerable times

“True friends are there with you when the world may not be on your side”

…So i guess its my turn to write in a little about my so sweet friends

I may not have been with you at all the times when you were low, but i always tried my best to be by your side, to be with you in the best way possible…One thing that always say all my friends is

“Dont walk ahead of me, I may not follow,

Dont walk behind me, I may not lead,

But, Walk by my side…& be my friend…”

Your simple ways to reach out to me and being there for me with your full fledged support is what has made me hold on tight to u…I dunno how you do this, but you make all my problems look so tiny, n yet so manageable…your modesty, your attitude towards life has always inspired me…

I dont have a big list of friends, but the little bunch of friends that i have is more than enough for me to hold on to…They mean the world to me…Our fights, our arguments, our heated up discussions, no matter how often we end our conversation with the same…but we still end up caring more and more about each other & that is the beauty of our friendship…

I treasure our friendship, & will never forget you all my life…for you are the cutest thing in my life…[:)] This inexplicable bonding is what is required between friends to have a healthy and happy life…and i hope it stays like this forever…Life without friendship is like “The Sky without the sun ” & “The flowers without their colours“…thats the reason why i dont want to let go of u…The times that i have spent with you, have been the most memorable of them all & when i think of them i wish that we could go back in those times…

I am the most happiest when you are around…I read it somewhere that

“FRIENDS ARE LIKE THE STREET LIGHTS…along d road…they dont make the distance any shorter but they LIGHT UP THE PATH n MAKE THE WALK WORTHWHILE”

…No one’s perfect, & so am I, but with you by my side i dont think i need to be perfect as we together are perfect…Nobody can take your place in my life…

So, today i confess that i wouldnt have been the person i am without you in my life…You have changed me, & u mean the whole world to me…Always be with me as you have been & i promise to be with you forever…Times change, people change, but friends dont change…so no matter how much be the distance between us, no matter how often we speak on phone, no matter how many times we get to meet in a year…you are very very very special to me & will always be…what actually matters is our bonding, our understanding, and our friendship…I really hope that it lasts forever…

 Happy Friendship Day

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