A Non-delusional Indian (A-NI)

14 Aug

This article is ONLY for the tweaked brains who did not get blown away by the majestic promises and delusional premise of “Ache Din”, the selected few who can foresee logic amidst political hullabaloo.

First things first, I am not Anti-Modi, yet I am also not a Congress supporter. To be honest, I am as much as a Modi fan as I was of Manmohan Singh when he became PM in 2004. I am an optimistic Indian and get hopeful every time new promises are made by our leaders. But, I am also ANI who feels disturbed every time politicians/media persons claim with confidence- what has anyone done in 65 years look where our country is today. Only if Narendra Modi was given 60 years blah blah blah. Every time this discussion happens, it goes from patriotic to hilarious in 10 minutes for those who are well aware of this country’s turbulent history.

Amusingly, this debate is never heard amongst the elitist sections of the society. I will try to reason out why below. Maybe you will get a clear picture or if not be at-least intrigued to read more before you exclaim profoundly about the atrocities faced in the country due to our ruling parties in these last 70 years of independence.

BJP was formed on 06 April 1980. Shocked? Can’t believe this is why Jawahar Lal Nehru ruled for 16 years without opposition? Prior to 1980 that there was only RSS (with Bhartiya Jana Sangha as their political wing) and Janata Party was founded as late as 23 January 1977. So, for 30 years after independence, there was not one opposition party but many opposition leaders. Now, we can’t blame that on Congress. Or may be you are still feeling – “What if? Congress did not let any opposition political party grow.” LoL

Out of 14 Prime Ministers(PM) we have had till date, believe it or not, there have been 9 Prime Ministers who were not of Congress including our beloved NaMo but their rule adds to only 12 years (not including NaMo). So, out of 70 years of India’s Independence, we have had Congress in this country for nearly 56+ years. But let’s not forget, they have only ruled with actual opposition for 28 years. So, if our great grand parents wanted to not vote for Congress they didn’t really have much choice.

Well, I do agree the lack of opposition does not make up for the poor development of our country in all these years. The citizens back then were not demanding enough. Truly, the times changed with the Anna Hazare’s Movement in 2011, when the citizens united and took patriotism to another level.

Another petty fascist blame concerns Congress & black money. Did black money exist in 1947 when we got our independence? Any intelligent person will have the answer to that. The British left us so poor, starved and deprived that forget black money, we didn’t have any money as a nation to recuperate our losses from various wars, survive the bloody partition and live through the famines. Let’s also not forget that we are still fighting wars with Pakistan even seventy years after the independence. So clearly, Congress as the ruling party couldn’t have laid the foundation stone for Black Money. It was us – The Citizens of India; The richest of the rich who could travel abroad in those times when forefathers of people like me didn’t even have enough money to feed their family two square meals a day. Now, if you think only the politicians were rich during those times, may god help your brains!

Let me list some things that make us proud today and thankful for the past 70 years (irrespective of who ruled & who implemented):
1.      Laid the foundation of higher education with first IIT Kharagpur started in 1950 and IIM Calcutta in 1961. MBBS degree was conceptualized in 1969. So, Indians could now pursue their higher education within their own country.
2.      In the first 3 years the government spent on how should India function, created ministries/ departments, devised policies of national importance and of course created the constitution of India due to which India became a republic nation in 1950.
3.      The first five-year plan was setup in 1952, which was going to be very crucial and the foundation stone for India’s development and growth to being the 4th fastest growing country in the world.
4.      The government worked on all round development of the country’s resources including medical as their priority. Laid foundation for an abolishment of various irrelevant religious practices such as child marriage.



n.      In recent years, we got the Indo-US nuclear deal, RTI,  India’s first successful lunar mission which had budget lesser than some Hollywood movies, we recorded first ever double digit GDP in India in 2009-2010 1st quarter with Manmohan Singh as the PM.

I don’t even want to get started about the crisis of 1991 and how Manmohan Singh saved this country. For people who think 1991 economic crisis was because of Congress rule in the previous years, I can only advise you – Read. Because from 1989 to 1991 congress was not the ruling party. Also, the crisis was due to various global factors.

The crux is, whether you agree or not, BJP is still indulging in Vote Bank politics as much as their previous counterparts irrespective of their political party. Obviously, it is not wrong on anyone’s part to do so, but it is foolish on our part to propagate such agendas further. While there are many things that NaMo is doing perfectly right, his implementation of demonetization move will definitely not be written in golden words in history.

All the political turmoil created by NaMo during elections 3 years ago, by criticizing Congress so that BJP could win, was actually needed for him to win, full-stop. No other reasons behind it, very few reasons to be actually blaming or shaming people around. Indians need to keep our eyes open because in our hearts we know we are to be blamed more because of what is happening in this country and not any ruling party.

I am not saying Congress did everything right. But, they aren’t entirely responsible for everything wrong happening today. Still curious why?

1. We wouldn’t need Clean India or Toilet in every home campaigns if we understood the concept of hygiene. Our ancestors were happily going in Jungles with a Lota and you think we were civilized? We were not literate.
2. We didn’t need demonetization if we didn’t keep cash hidden at homes, believed in going Cashless or paid actual taxes and not manipulated our books for saving taxes. We did not understand the importance of paying taxes to run the government.
3. We didn’t need to vote to get rid of corruption because we started it and we still continue it in various forms. You cannot blame a party for corruption when it is a day-to-day routine activity for hundreds and thousands of Indians. If you will keep giving money to get your file moved faster, can the bureaucrats be blamed for not working? There was a news 2 days ago, which claimed that in a bid to attract more such Indian citizens living abroad to become voters, the Election Commission has launched a portal which allows them to register online. So far only 24,000 Overseas Indians Have Registered As Voters. Probably due to lack of awareness. But, I am hopeful on this independence day, that times will change.
4. We didn’t need to Make in India or MNREGA if we were better employees and informed employers like our western peers. In an ideal situation, we would not need “Minimum Wages Act” or “Child Labor Act”.
5. We didn’t need the reservation, only one BPL would have been sufficient, but even rich SC, ST continue to need some reservation in this country because of the convenience and favors they get.

In states where the government keeps its citizens illiterate pretending they don’t know what’s right and wrong as long as citizens get what they need, are facing maximum poverty. So, we ask for Rice in Rs.1 and we get. We don’t want to let go of our own demons but will pinpoint others mistakes confidently and blindly.

Look where Pakistan stands today after the same 70 years of independence. Both of these countries India & Pakistan started from scratch in 1947. Those who rebuilt our country to where we are today need some credit, if not votes. Because that was the past and they are currently facing a deficit of good leadership. So, I am not proclaiming that Vote for Congress or Vote for BJP, I am simply saying do not carry a delusional image of our past into our future. Because if being from an educated section of the society (I know you are educated because you are reading this article), if you believe Congress only let this country down the drain for 65 years then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, many things went wrong in these 65 years, agreed. A lot could have been better, we might have been better than Singapore. But, I’d rather say there are a number of things that we Indians need to focus on for our own betterment and our motherland’s prosperity. Demeaning others to show our own superiority is something we need to get rid of first.

Being educated, it is now our responsibility to imbibe “Indian” culture in the younger generations. Not the one of exploiting freedom to enjoy corruption, but freedom to create green & clean public places, freedom from poverty, freedom from illiteracy, and freedom to respect unity in diversity.

So many Bravehearts gave their lives for this freedom, let’s not exploit it for our personal benefits.

Happy Independence Day!

Jai hind.


2 Responses to “A Non-delusional Indian (A-NI)”

  1. Ajay K Gupta August 15, 2017 at 12:36 pm #

    Great indepth article with analysis! Author is to be complimented for such excellent description of today’s reality.


  2. Sagrika Ajmera August 15, 2017 at 12:08 pm #

    Very well put in words !
    Every one of us has to do out but to the betterment of the country,for us, and for the generations coming!
    Blaming and avoiding the facts and cribbing and not changing the required is our loss and nobody else’s !
    I agree with the points you mentioned and on this Independence Day we should pledge to do our share and make our country developed and in race with the better ones !
    Vote for the right person for “SHINING INDIA”

    Liked by 1 person

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