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Happy Holi

28 Feb


Holi Hai !!!

9 Mar


With Holi being round the corner, the festivity in the town has suddenly spring back. Its as if somebody has pumped in joy, laughter & enthusiasm amongst people. The markets are full of crowds (all in a rush, sometimes even they dont know where they are heading…lol..). The delicious smell of sweets, makes my taste buds so desperate to have all of them & i just cant seem to have enough of them… 😉

Besides this hustle & bustle of the people, are a bunch of kids sitting alongside the pavement, begging for money…chasing people even irritating them most of the times.

What we tend to forget at such times is these people still form a part of our lives as today or tomorrow you’ll definitely end up being harassed by them even though you tried your best avoiding them. And then you see movies like slumdog millionaire & accuse the director of dramatizing poverty.

Less do we realize that these children begging at Traffic signals and at almost all major markets have NOT chosen this life. May be they would have been on the other side like sitting in a car, then have you looked at them in the same way??

The attitude of majority of Indians (even those who are below the poverty line) is very disheartening on this subject. The Biggies tend to keep their eyes shut and pretend they are ostriches (For those of you who coudnt understand my reason behind using “ostrich”, lemme tell you that it hides its mouth seeing its enemy hoping that the enemy wont be able to see it, as it cant see him!) This blindfold got unleashed by slumdog when they thought that everything in the movie was over done up. This is just a personal opinion based on what all the news channels telecasted all month long while the movie ran in the race for oscars.

Anyways leaving aside all this, I wish all of you a VERY COLOURFUL & VIBRANT HOLI…!!!


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