Happy Republic Day

26 Jan



2011 in review

2 Jan

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy Diwali

22 Oct

Diwali Greetings


24 Sep

The day you were born was the happiest day of my life…I have never felt more special day than that day in 1996 when you were born…I will never forget the moments when I first saw you….You were simply beautiful and god’s very special gift to me…I could have never wanted anything more from god…

I Love You..!!!

Below is a summary of the last 15 years in words…(some stolen, some inspired … some written by me…)

1.) When you were born…

I got a new toy which not only was damn cute….but was loveable and too precious…

2.) When you were FIVE…I felt:

Saku, you are as precious as gold…I have seen you growing up all these years and I can express my happiness through tears….You were the most naughty and yet the most sincere baby I knew of…

3.) When you were TEN…

Oh Boy!

You turned smart…from a beautiful kid…

Your naughty behaviour is what I never wanted to get rid…

Your determination made you splendid…

4.) As you turn FIFTEEN tonight…


Is duniya mein main aayi…

Aur maine tujhe paya as mithai…

But teri harkaton se main tang aayi…

Aur khoob ki humne ladayi…

Tune maanga mujhse Camera…

Kya karu mera toh sir fira…

🙂 – From Gui Di & Me…

Jokes apart…

As you turn fifteen today, I sincerely I could not have been more proud of you…You are truly the best brother in the world…

And I am definitely the luckiest sister in the world to have you as my brother…

I cherish all our fights…all the love that we share…

I’m so thankful I have a brother
like you to count on.
I know you’ll always be there
with open arms if I need a hug,
and an open mind if I need someone
to understand.
I’m so glad that I can
be myself around you.

I’m so proud to have a brother like you…
not just for what you have accomplished,
but for who you are.
I’m so lucky to have you to talk
and laugh with …
to reminisce and make
new memories with.
I can’t tell you
how much it means
to have a brother like you…

Thanks for being …… a brother like you…!!!

The Serendipity called ‘Life’

27 May

No matter how much we try to live life the fullest, the mix of happYness, fun, entertainment, sadness, boredom, anger…etc always surrounds us. The various colors that life’s twists n turns show us, somehow dont always look like a vibrant rainbow to me. I am seldom surrounded by the darkness of anger, arrogance, impatience and sadness. Sometimes its for no reason at all.

But still the unexpected occurrences which I meet with everyday give me the adrenaline rush to pump up myself and keep moving ahead…

Some people say ‘Life is difficult’ , I say, ‘What’s easy is not worth any efforts and we wont cherish or relish it until we have really worked hard for it’…May be too philosophical…but the simple truth is, even when we wanna go for a first day first show movie and are late by a couple of minutes, that uncertainty whether we’ll get a ticket or not…pumps up our adrenaline  and when we finally get the ticket…we get a special sense of satisfaction… 😉 a feeling like that of a winner…

Such little moments, make up for all the sorrows that we face…and helps in further enjoying the good moments…as they showed it in the movie ‘The pursuit of Happyness’….

Its never the quantity its always the quality of life that matters…!!!

11 Feb

Did I ever tell you, I love to dream? I love my fantasies and weirdest things I do in my dreams. I see myself as a Princess who does not believe in stooping in front of anyone whatsoever. She lives for herself and only for herself. There is nothing in this world, she cannot have. World’s best lie in her feet’s.

Conclusion – I treat myself like a princess  

I am really fond of my would be daughter. I see her enjoying her life with the little i could or say we could do for her. I play with her and love and caress her for her sweet, innocent ways. She babbles a lot with no intention to stop. She is my little princess who has made me come alive once again. My life is always incomplete without her.

Conclusion – I would be waiting for her desperately.

I dream of being with my perfect man who would understand me without uttering a single word. We had gone to different places to discover new lands together.We share common interests and are perfectly compatible with each other. My relationship is no inch less than perfection. I might sound selfish, but I dream of perfect me and perfect him making a perfect we.

Conclusion – I want a perfect “we”

I dream of being spiritually a sage. I have discovered myself to be keenly interested in supernatural powers and mysteries of the world. I aspire to be a sage at spirit and soul perfectly in harmony with my body, my essence of being in this world.

Conclusion – My vision is to see beyond the seen and felt.

GOD speak to me..!!

4 Jan



Once again, my thoughts are spinning out of control. I want to have a heartfelt, one-on-one conversation with God. I want to have my unanswered questions answered. I want to get rid of this clutter in my mind. Want to de-clutter my mind. I am totally lost. I am losing my ability to ‘focus’. Some things are beyond my understanding. Some things are beyond my control.

It is so silly to lose sleep over things that you cannot control! And I am being really silly. .

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
and wisdom to know the difference

God, speak to me!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

24 Dec

Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!

…..Will you still love me??

26 Nov

Will you still love me even if I’m not perfect? Will you still love me even if I’m not the kind of person you wished I were? Will you still look into my eyes with warmth even if you saw my shadows? Will you still hold my hand even if you knew there will be times I’d let you down?

Sometimes I ‘d be silent and I might bore you.I would not always be able to make you smile.You might not enjoy my company every time.. Sometimes I’d get troubled and I’d fail to put into words what the hell it is that troubles me.I had like to keep things to myself and not share every bit of my life with you.Sometimes,I had hurt you badly and be a reason for your tears although I would never hurt you knowingly.

I’d demand things ,I shouldn’t, I’d say things I shouldn’t say. And no matter how much I desire to protect you and make you happy, sometimes I’d be the one who’d cause you the most pain.At times,I would not be interested to listen to what you have to say as there could be blunders going in my mind.

If you will love me, you can be certain that it is I that you will love, not a mask that fools you and gives you only what your eyes desire to see.I would love you from all my heart .I would give you the best I can and best I could be.I would never keep any hard feelings for you in my heart and would let them out whenever they erupt..If you will love me, you can be certain that you will love the depths of me, all of me that is in me, and I in turn will love you with all of me..

The only answer I want is – Will you still love me ?

The aura of “Pink” city….!!!

25 Nov

With the beautiful weather engulfing the city since the past few days, I have discovered a new attraction with the “pink city”…be it the calm and serene surrounding or the closeness to nature…

Despite the fact that ever since I was born I have practically never moved out of this place, I suddenly feel more connected with the city. The reason being that this has been more than just my birthplace to me, and this year, with the romantic weather engulfing the city every now and then…I have started to appreciate the serenity, beauty and stillness of this place. Better late than never I’d say…

Walking down the road when you see the aravalli hills smitten by the fog…the drops of rain still frozen on tree leaves with the last night rainfall…and the birds chirruping like never before…your mind travels through a plethora of new found love.

Getting drenched in the rain, eating spicy pakoras and roof top coffee outings have added to the flavor of the season, with the occasional foggy-chilly days making me yearn for visiting Nahargarh/ Jaigarh to be a part of the clouds, fly high like a free bird and have a breathtaking view of this glorious and momentous city.

This season I have realized a few more reasons as to why our pink city is called “PINK” city…

  • In winters your cheek and nose are bound to get pink with the chilly mornings and nights…
  • The cozy atmosphere might make you blush just thinking of your love…and you’d go pink 😉
  • The historic monuments from where you can get a breathtaking view of the city…have broken walls at some places so it might make you “pink” from the fear of tripping down…though i seriously hope you dont face the embarrassment 😉 lol

Now, I also have a collection of some moments I captured during the oh-so-romantic-weather …clicked by my itsy bitsy mobile phone camera…!!!

Happy Winters!!!

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