The Serendipity called ‘Life’

27 May

No matter how much we try to live life the fullest, the mix of happYness, fun, entertainment, sadness, boredom, anger…etc always surrounds us. The various colors that life’s twists n turns show us, somehow dont always look like a vibrant rainbow to me. I am seldom surrounded by the darkness of anger, arrogance, impatience and sadness. Sometimes its for no reason at all.

But still the unexpected occurrences which I meet with everyday give me the adrenaline rush to pump up myself and keep moving ahead…

Some people say ‘Life is difficult’ , I say, ‘What’s easy is not worth any efforts and we wont cherish or relish it until we have really worked hard for it’…May be too philosophical…but the simple truth is, even when we wanna go for a first day first show movie and are late by a couple of minutes, that uncertainty whether we’ll get a ticket or not…pumps up our adrenaline  and when we finally get the ticket…we get a special sense of satisfaction… 😉 a feeling like that of a winner…

Such little moments, make up for all the sorrows that we face…and helps in further enjoying the good moments…as they showed it in the movie ‘The pursuit of Happyness’….

Its never the quantity its always the quality of life that matters…!!!


3 Responses to “The Serendipity called ‘Life’”

  1. alok August 2, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    Nice..But hey about the movie thing…u can book tickets online these days…


    • thefanatics August 7, 2011 at 12:16 am #

      i agree….but its not so much fun in comparison to a surprise movie outing where u are so unsure even about the movie timing leave aside the ticket….


      • alok August 14, 2011 at 3:18 am #

        I can’t agree more…you write just amazing…after going through all your posts all I guess about you is you have had long or perhaps quality experience in your life…but i want to make one point here…if people around you get something easier and you have to work harder for the will not please you anymore…But in case in the process of trying for the same you make a bigger achievement that lifts you up from the society…then it sure will please you otherwise u’ll feel nothing but just tired of living…like me


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