11 Feb

Did I ever tell you, I love to dream? I love my fantasies and weirdest things I do in my dreams. I see myself as a Princess who does not believe in stooping in front of anyone whatsoever. She lives for herself and only for herself. There is nothing in this world, she cannot have. World’s best lie in her feet’s.

Conclusion – I treat myself like a princess  

I am really fond of my would be daughter. I see her enjoying her life with the little i could or say we could do for her. I play with her and love and caress her for her sweet, innocent ways. She babbles a lot with no intention to stop. She is my little princess who has made me come alive once again. My life is always incomplete without her.

Conclusion – I would be waiting for her desperately.

I dream of being with my perfect man who would understand me without uttering a single word. We had gone to different places to discover new lands together.We share common interests and are perfectly compatible with each other. My relationship is no inch less than perfection. I might sound selfish, but I dream of perfect me and perfect him making a perfect we.

Conclusion – I want a perfect “we”

I dream of being spiritually a sage. I have discovered myself to be keenly interested in supernatural powers and mysteries of the world. I aspire to be a sage at spirit and soul perfectly in harmony with my body, my essence of being in this world.

Conclusion – My vision is to see beyond the seen and felt.


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