My life’s melodies..

11 Oct

I always have a song on my mind.. and like always..There’s good to it.. I like humming it over and over again.. a happy day gives me a happy song and so does a angry frustrating day… the problem comes when I associate songs with people… and believe me I do it! I actually have songs for people… songs that remind me of moments with them.. random moments… precious moments… moments of laughter…moments of pain…even moments of anger! Today I sit and think that I am probably not doing justice to my music. People come and go and in my life this happens very often. So when people walk away so do their songs.. Somehow I can never listen to those songs again, they always remind me of those moments and that causes so much pain that I’d rather not listen to the song… My  playlist is like my life playing… With each song there’s a different chapter of my life unfolding…Chapters I have sometimes felt like erasing! You delete the song, block the person away.. But what do you do with memories? What do you do with this heart that still wants to hum the same song over and over again… Won’t people ever understand, by leaving  they take my melodies away… they take pieces of my life away…


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