The silence of night….

13 Sep

Sometimes all you need in life is a night alone with yourself and the silence of it. When you consider carefully about the muteness around, lying in bed, you manage to listen attentively to your heart which speaks of million things that you crave on holding tightly with both your hands and how much you wish that they stick around with you forever. How much you hate to let it just go. Sometimes all you learn in life are the terms “get” and “lose”. You’re a winner when you ‘get’ You feel like a loser when you “don’t”, however you seek intently to grab everything that doesn’t belong to you any longer. You stick on all the sides of things that you don’t deserve and you convince yourself of being happy with the non-deserving things. The silence of the night brings back the sweet memories and also the night terror that you endlessly try staying away from. You puzzle over about everything you did in the day, wondering if you’re gonna be awake tomorrow with the same happiness that you have right now. You think about the love you get and the love you lost. You wanna go back and reverse things that are no way possible. You try to put the things in new order that are highly chaotic. When life gives you a chance to change things that are messed up, it’s always nice you adopt it. Don’t think about waiting for things to fall in place, because no matter how hard you try, certain things are impossible to happen with ease. Don’t stick around with things you don’t deserve. The best way to avoid that is to understand what you really want in life. Work on the best things that can make you happy. Grasp the significance of something that can make your life brighter.

When you ever feel again to have yourself the whole silence of the night, just learn to give a wink to all that happened in the past, tell it that it can’t change your present. Live in the moment, smile as much as you can and say “I love you life”. Think well about tomorrow. Hope for the best to fall in your hands! Hold it tight. And remember if you’re taking a rough road, it only means that you’re heading towards something BEAUTIFUL. Take that road. Live it through. See the change.


One Response to “The silence of night….”

  1. David November 10, 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    I’m not much of a fan for moving backgrounds on web pages. Nice reminder about “letting go” and moving on.


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