…loves me not..!!

17 Aug

Every morning i wake up to a new day with emptiness in my heart. I dress up and walk lost completely in my own thoughts.I sometimes don’ understand myself a all. I know that i am running to reach something,I know i am searching for something. But i don’ get it! I mean where i am heading to!? What i am searching for!?

Why does rain bring such bliss in my heart! Why do i yearn to behold the beauty of a butterfly.Why am i waiting for a miracle that would change my life!?? My mind is filled with questions. The quest has begun.But the path is unknown. I am lost in my own journey called life.How strange i don’t understand my own life.

The happiness i know takes is own sweet time.Why there are times in my life its so dark that i cry to find that ray of light. Why is the sky empty. Where are all those stars which once shone upon me!? Where is that wave which once sung me a symphony!? Where is my god who wiped my tears. Where is he who once held my hand and said he would never let go!?

I played that game again. Its called “he loves me, He loves me not. ”
Why i always lose the game!? Why does it always says “he loves me not” !


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