Knock- Knock…..!!!

23 Apr

<<This one’s only meant for Ayu, so if u r dropping by & wondering wats happening….better visit us next time for a phenomenal article….as this one’s really special and only for my special frnd…!!!>>

Wondering why there’s a knock – knock today??? Is there someone at the door….!!!! Hmmm… you know what it’s not just someone….it is someone special!!! It is a new day….knocking at the door…waiting to engulf u in its beauty….and shower surprises….!!!

And i am sure u know what makes this new day so special….well your birthday ofcourse…!!! On this really very special occasion….lemme say it out loud…Happy Birthday sweetheart…!!! Here I have compiled a little poem for you….This is all my heart wants to say to you tonight….. ❤ ❤ ❤

You’re the strand on which I silently write
Restoring my lost sense of space and light.
To me you are a place where I can stay,
Hanging out to watch the rush of time,
Drawing in the sand a lazy line
Along which I can go my own sweet way.
You are my sun and shade, my bread and wine.

Happy Birthday to my most special friend
You have come so far along
I know you expected something grand
Like a CD of your favorite songs

But I couldn’t make that this year
I decided to take more time
To put more thought into this gift
To write you a beautiful rhyme

We’ve been through a lot together
Through good times and bad
But you always stuck by me
Sometimes you were all I had

You’ve done a lot for me
And I’ve done some for you
All those times you felt sad
I was there to pull you through

Not only are you helpful
A laugh, you always bring
Even though it’s usually stupidity
It’s all the same thing

We’ve really come far
In this friendship that we made
You mean a lot to me my friend
I hope our friendship doesn’t fade

I hope this poem makes you smile
But I really tried my best
Happy Birthday to you my friend
I hope we make up for a fest!!!

I hope U like it!!!!

Luv u….


One Response to “Knock- Knock…..!!!”

  1. ayushi April 30, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    Loveeeeeeeee u for dis and everything


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