10 things I hate about MEN

10 Jan

1) Pretentious guys are a big big put off…why cant you be what you actually are…your habit of exaggerating about yourself…would put me into hating you.

2) I hate it when i am talking and you are not looking at me, instead glancing here and there.

3) I hate it when guys try to underestimate girls…heylo..don’t even try that in front of me.

4) I hate those guys who take every girl as a bait.

5) I hate it when you try to attract attention by stupid stuff like, switching blaring music/ horn in your car..when you show off..accessories, brands…

6) Fine you know more about technical things/ gizmos/…but no need asserting that again and again.

7) I hate when you act diplomatic…..I hate it..I hate it..I hate it..!!

8) Attitude is good…but all wrong kinds in NOT ACCEPTABLE…what if you look good..noone in dis world gave you the permission.

9) I hate double standards in guys.

10) when you dont wanna share a joke..why crack it in front of us…..BLEH…..!!!


One Response to “10 things I hate about MEN”

  1. Dev January 11, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    Interesting and points noted. Period. 😉


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