why grow up..??

9 Jan
” Hey girl..Cmon ya..just grow up” How often have we heard someone say that ? I hear it everyday .” grow up.Dont behave like a kid” I somehow dont understand why a small part of us,still refuses to grow up! I have come across many situations where the child in me is typically awake waiting to explode!.
Many a time we find that we have a hidden child inside us which we refuse to bring out for obvious reasons.But i still feel the urge to shout,scream,giggle,express,comment,sulk on every thing happening around me!
There were so many instances where i discovered the child in me.A soul inside me,who still needs attention,who loves to be pampered,who sulks for the silliest reasons,who still fusses around for things that can be ignored! But still all that i hear is….”U are 20+…its high time u grow up!”
Do we really need to grow up?Ask me..i hate growing up.Sometimes i feel i haven’t achieved anything becoming so big.What have i learnt watching elders around me? What have i gained by knowing all the bad things happening around us.The innocent part of me has probably been crushed some where.
I bet most of us have a hidden child in us which never comes out.Try bringing it out.It does bring a sort of happiness which cannot be replaced by any damn thing!

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  1. ashish January 17, 2010 at 11:21 am #



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