Happy New Year

1 Jan


So 2010 is finally here… feels awesome 🙂 hope this year is going to be fantastic .. yes it will be ( keeping my fingers crossed)

Life has been tough of late… painful yes but not miserable…

Lots of lessons learnt in the last year… Like

1) Its ok if every body doesn’t like you… people take jealousy far too seriously than they should.. And to no fault of ours point guns at us…..

Lesson: move on … its ok to be not liked by all… your life won’t be any less significant

2) Have things straight in your mind and heart, once your conscience is clear don bother about the world… we can’t yell out our intentions and purpose to the world

Lesson: be a bit of” I Don’t Care” person 🙂 its really fun

3) Things don get better crying about them… or feeling hurt or miserable…

Lesson: put on your dancing shoes… Get moving…Swing your butt and feel the crispness of air… remember in this vast universe u r just a speck… So enjoy 🙂

4) Not all dreams get true

Lesson: Life is not always a bed of rose you have to deal with the thorns.

5) The last one….. Do a lot of introspection and pray to “The Heavens Above”

Lesson: there’s a lot to life than that catches our eye…. the supreme architect does exist … let this truth sink in and your journey would be a lot smoother 🙂

Bye 2009. I seriously don’t want this year or likewise to come back ever in my Life. I have so many complains to 2009. Really it was 70 % bad and 30 % Good. The good part is only that i learnt  lessons from those worst experiences

Well leave all these craps of 2009 and Move on with smile for welcoming 2010. So here I am with the new soul Happily welcoming 2010 and hoping for the Best in this Year. I hope 2010 will come with lots of good surprises for me and for everyone 🙂



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