relations around us…..

26 Dec
You pass through life, touching others. Some just brush past you and others leave behind parts of themselves that mold into you … in the form of memories or habits. These are the people you love being with, for example Friends. They help you grow, they laugh with you, they make you feel good for being you, accepting you as you are, they are there to listen or just spend a few hours with and much much more.
On the other end of the spectrum, your life is surrounded by people whom you just can’t connect with. Those who you’ve never been able to deal with,like or understand. They are everything you hate. You wish you could justrid of them, but you are tied to them by acquaintance or relations, cursed to bear the brunt of their presence whenever they deem fit to be with you. You run at the first chance you get avoiding them at all costs, only doing your duties as formality requires.
In the middle somewhere are those few who you are tied to by the strings of heart or obligations. You wish they could understand you. You want them to know who you are but somehow you know they will never understand. It’s a one way street, however you put it. You know it would be better if you could break off the ties but you never leave, and you keep coming back, because you care or you owe them or if nothing else, you appreciate all that they’ve done for you once upon a time. They may or may not make you feel the worst but in may ways you are who you are because of them. Other times you are just programmed to care, even though you hate yourself.
In the end I guess every relation is a chemical equation. Some just work, other’s need a catalyst, some give an extra by product as a plus and others just Don’t work. And we just have to live with it all !!!

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