22 Dec

T R U S T is simply a five-letter word but there is nothing bigger and more complicated than this. Every relationship in this world, irrespective of how big or small they are, must have the required level of trust in it. And when it comes to love then trust is the only thing that keeps the relationship going.

I was just pondering as to why is trust so important in our lives. We must have discussed about this so many time with our friends but it is a never-ending debate topic with constant flow of arguments and objections. The truth, which no can can deny, is that trust is as delicate as a glass which can be broken even by the most gentle breeze. And once broken it would take the strongest adhesive to put it back together and would still carry a mark forever. Sadly, trust is no different.

The reason why i am using the word trust in every sentence is because I want to emphasize on it to a great extent.we have always been taught that anything done in extreme limits is bad. Likewise, trusting somebody to a great extent is bad. Yes, there are no two doubts about that. People who are gullible and who trust people easily are nothing but emotional fools. All through my life, I have come across a number of people who make a fool out of themselves without realising the depth of the pit they have put their foot into. These people gain nothing but definitely loose their confidence and not to forget self respect.

There is no “one” rule about how to trust somebody, how much to trust and when to trust. It just comes through experience and sometimes through our own sufferings. The least we can do is to keep our hearts pure lest the sound of the broken trust will be loud enough to deafen our ears…


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