You cant make it feel right, when you know its wrong..!!!!!!!!!

18 Dec

How long can u hold on to something? There are times when you know things are not going right and a part of you tells you to let go and move on and then when you’re all prepared to do so hear these voice inside your head telling you to stick with it and go with the flow. You opt for the easier way out ..and u agree. In a way, you test yourself .”things might get fine, just some more days” tell yourself. Day in and out, you come up with stuff to console yourself and make yourself believe that everything will be back to normal. Patience, that’s all you need.
Sadly, that’s not all ..Its a massive thing..this P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

So ya, how long do you put up with this? The breaking point is bound to occur one day or the other..When u just can’t take it anymore. You’ve tested your patience enough. At the end, whats happened? Situations are the same, nothing’s changed, its just you who’s more screwed up than ever.

This is the time, to get up..dust yourself and just let go. That one moment which makes u realize that you’ve been tightly holding on to something which was just not yours and maybe isn’t meant to be. A difficult phase but the time when you realize that the breaking point has arrived gives you a weird kind of happiness. You feel liberated. All these days, you were caged by your own thoughts..Now you’re free.

The concluding factor of this whole ‘mess’ is change. It sucks. At least, I completely detest it. That’s why, I always prefer sticking to something more ‘comforting’..Something that is more familiar to me ..only to realize its better to move on and let things be ..because im no one to change the way a person feels.


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