Its all about loving yourself…

29 Aug


How important is it to love yourself in such a way that you don’t let others take that liberty of hurting you?

Why do people hurt themselves because of others? I guess people get upset or sad depending on other’s actions and not because of their own. Which leads me to another question – why are we dependent on others for our happiness?

Whenever you talk to people nowadays, their reason for being sad or depressed is because of another person. It’s nearly impossible to NOT let a person hurt you but the least we can do is respect our own feelings and not to take things too seriously and preferably not think too much about it – the ifs and the buts

Once upon a time Iused to cry over literally everything but now I have become a kind of person who doesn’t really care a damn even if people bitch about me. You won’t believe the number of ridiculous questions I have to face everyday . I react to these questions by just smiling and nodding. The one thing I have understood over the years is not to expect people to understand you ALL the time. Their outlook is different, so is yours & mine. I’ve found out that by telling these people what they want to hear or what they feel is right, you appease them and yourself too. In this way, I don’t hurt them and myself in the process….

I love myself too much to let people hurt me again. Maybe I have had enough, that’s why. In the end, people are all selfish

At the moment…

I love myself..
love my life….
love my family……


One Response to “Its all about loving yourself…”

  1. Dev August 31, 2009 at 2:35 pm #

    Nice words…
    Its good that someone has realized that we are born for our own cause and we are not doormats for others to come and wipe there feet on.
    Keep up your thinking…its commendable. 🙂


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