Blank Noise : I Never Ask For It!!

13 Jun

No matter how well developed technically we become, our thoughts remain “archaic”, In India the society system is so messed up that we are tied up in a “Spider’s Web” and stuck! There’s apparently no way out…I feel the need to change this, especially the mindset of the people.  I am talking of an issue  we see every day in news i.e. “Eve Teasing”…This has become as issue which demands social & moral outrage. It is the same story everyday, filthy people tease girls, women in public places, streets, public transport etc. But it is a difficult crime to prove, as perpertrators often devise ingenious ways to attack women. 


How often have you been witness or mute spectator to ‘eve teasing’?
How many times have you whistled, leched, stalked or passed remarks at a girl or a woman on the streets ‘just for fun’?

I am sure nobody would be willing to answer that..

The girls/women those get haressed learn to be quiet and dont raise their voice against it, this is what makes it even more difficult to curb it. For those minority that actually do raise their voice, get nothing in return but a blame “Its your fault this happened to you, you were at the wrong place, at the wrong time wearing the wrong clothes”…blah blah blah…

 The people who actually think this way should RETHINK…!!! 

What do you say when a girl in a burqa with her head covered is whistled at?
When a mother of two,covered from her neck to ankles,taking her kids for a stroll in the park, is subjected to leery comments?
When a young girl going to college in a bus,dressed in a shapeless loose churidar-kurta, is pawed at by unknown hands,leaving her fuming & almost in tears?
When 40-year old middle-class working women in saris,waiting at a bus-stop, are the target of obscene vernacular film songs by cycling romeos.

Putting dresscode (salwar suits for girls in some colleges), is not the solution to the problem, those desparados don’t really bother before making a move. 

Think about it!


Its is all around us, sometimes we end up as mere spectators…but little do we realize how painful it must have been for the girl/lady who was subjected to it. Being a girl myself i feel the guilt…But now is the time to speak up…

 I believe a woman looks beautiful in just whatever she decides to wear and once she does it confidently..and no one can then dare to even look at her with a wrong intention. It is time everybody including the girls/women speak up on the issue & raise their concern saying, I NEVER ASKED FOR IT!!!

BLANK NOISE   is a volenteer led collective. I would request all of you to join them & support the social cause. As they say it

Volunteering is about:

  • getting your hands dirty
  • being a good listener
  • being calm
  • being enthusiastic
  • being patient
  • being persistent
  • being open
  • responsible
  • putting in that extra bit
  • about collective ownership
  • about doing small things
  • about making time
  • about putting yourself out there
  • about conviction

But it is worth it, join hands & help change the mindset of people around you…I salute Blank Noise for taking up such a noble cause which is generally ignored by people & is not considered of any importance…


Thank You Blank Noise…

I have already Voluntereed, what are you waiting for???


2 Responses to “Blank Noise : I Never Ask For It!!”

  1. Fadhl July 1, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    This is so true! Over here in SL the girls just slap the guy on the face (I’ve witnessed that so many a time in buses)
    How many times have you whistled, leched, stalked or passed remarks at a girl or a woman on the streets ‘just for fun’? Never 🙂 I’ve got a real good mom.
    I believe that if mothers bring up their sons like gentlemen, this wouldn’t happen.


    • thefanatics July 3, 2009 at 7:30 pm #

      Well u r absolutely right!! but i guess boys tend to forget that over n over again…but i dont know if that “slap” does stop them from repeating the same thing again!! That is the only thing girls are left to do with…!!!


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