“Eliminate Discrimination, not the girl child”.

1 May

Like CRY – Child Rights and You, I too believe that all children have an equal right to live, learn, play and develop their full potential – without any discrimination. But given the situation of the girl child in India, she is far more vulnerable to violation of rights.

I therefore join CRY’s campaign to “Eliminate Discrimination, not the girl child”.

I Pledge

“Before anything else I am an human being. As is this little girl.
The rights I enjoy are hers too.
She has a right to a home and family, education, play time, protection from harm and sickness. 
Most of all, she has the right to be a child.
A right that she is denied for no fault of hers.
And so I pledge to do whatever I can, to fight for her to have a childhood. 
With my skills, my resources, my heart. 
I will fight for her because I can and she can’t.

I will take action myself

  1. I will not accept or perpetuate any reasoning based on myths or cultural norms and rituals that see a girl child as a liability to the family, and in a way become cause for social evils and crimes such as foeticide.
  2. I will not employ any girl or boy of less than 18 years as domestic help, or in any occupation that deprives them of the right to education, play & social life.
  3. I will ensure that all girls in my family & those I knowhave equal access to quality education and development opportunities to be economically independent and are able to participate in all the decisions that are significant to their lives.
  4. Acknowledging that all kinds of physical, sexual & emotional abuse on the girl child are perpetrated by close relatives, friends and acquaintances of the child, I will be vigilant towards realizing the right to protection of all children and promise to strongly voice issues that are silenced or ignored by not considering them a taboo.
  5. I will not participate in any marriage ceremonies or rituals in which a girl under the age of 18 years or a boy under the age of 21 years is getting married.
  6. I will respect and realize every girl child’s right to food & nutrition.

I demand action

  1. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development take immediate action to stop female foeticide through effective enforcement of law & takesevere legal action against offenders.
  2. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development set up autonomous law enforcement agencies to work against traffickers and exploiters with appropriate redressal mechanisms and assistanceprograms for the affected child.
  3. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development provide easy access to schools and create a safe environment, so that girls also readily attendschool.
  4. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development pass a separate legal act against Child Sexual Abuse.
  5. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development create intensive awareness about the ill effects of Child Marriage among people and abolish itcompletely.
  6. I demand that the Government make it a priority toinvestigate malnutrition deaths and ensure policies and programs are put in place to prevent malnutrition deaths among children, especially girls.

To take the pledge and sign the charter, click



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