15 Apr


There is something about the introverts that sets them apart from the crowd. There is something unbelievably attractive in them that draw me towards them. This is despite the fact that there are thousands of extroverts who manage to attract people more and at a greater speed. But an introvert manages to catch  attention while sitting quietly in a corner.
One of the reasons behind this is that fact that I am an introvert. They say a person understands another who is of the same kind. But if I put that aside there are lots of other reasons that attracts me towards them. They are very sober and most of the times intelligent people. They live in their own world and are happy with that. And on a lighter note, if a shy person can attract millions by almost doing no or less efforts then why put in more efforts and waste your energy. They have such serenity and beauty in them that makes people wonder and hence make them curious to know more about them. They are mysterious and really hold a great power in them. They have in them to make it big, though the world does not believe so. They are very private people who think that their privacy should not be hindered. One must expect a volcanic eruption if someone tries to invade their privacy and they think it is justified completely to take such a step.
Being an introvert I have experienced many a times situations, wherein people are not bothered about my opinion. Also, just because I do not discuss private things like what kind of a life you like to live and such stuff with each and every one, does not mean that I have no such things in my mind. In fact I have much stronger feelings than the extrovert ones. And I am sure all you introverts out there must have experienced such a thing at some point in your life.

I want to disprove the myth that introverts don’t make successful entrepreneurs, successful businessmen, successful film stars, successful management persons, successful execs, or any other successful names to reckon with. Shahrukh Khan is a self-proclaimed introvert. And the man needs no introduction.Introverts who know their job well don’t necessarily need to mingle with 100 odd people to make their presence felt. They don’t necessarily need to hit the dance floor with a vengeance or rock the party or bring the house down to be successful. They don’t need to dance-like-no-one’s-watching to be successful. They don’t need to steal the thunder at social dos. They don’t need to be the cynosure of all eyes when they walk into a roomful of people, they don’t need to be impeccable speakers or party charmers to be successful.

Its okay to keep to yourself, its okay to be yourself. If I am not comfortable meeting new people (who don’t add value to my life), I will not meet them. If I don’t feel like giving away my cell number or other personal details to a stupid someone or an acquaintance or a friend’s friend, I will respectfully turn them down. If I don’t enjoy partying, I will simply not party.
I rather have one true friend than a thousand fake faces masquerading as 4-am-friends. I rather enjoy a quiet dinner with a friend than go clubbing. I am an introvert, very shy of people but I am comfortable in my skin. I can’t be someone I’m not. I am very reserved and I enjoy my company to the fullest. I am a LONER and I like it that way.
I hate it when i stumble upon silly ads like Is your child an introvert. Help is just a click away. WTF! Like its some disease or a weakness.
Quite a few outgoing people I know are emotional wrecks. Is this being successful?
Now this post is not to take away from extroverts. But do you need to act extroverted to be successful?
Regardless of your personality traits, if you have the ability and expertise, confidence and the right approach to life, you can be successful.

I think to prove the efficiency of the person who is shy only one thing comes to my mind: action speaks louder than words. Our work and actions and results would definitely not be worth shying for but worth shouting for and letting the whole world know “we can make it”.


6 Responses to “Introverts..”

  1. Dind Teng October 4, 2016 at 9:30 pm #

    are u sure he is an introvert ? how do u know it ?If that is true , I will be very happy bcs I have similarity with him. TBH, I’m big fan of him since childhood till now.
    Being an introvert is so sad. We don’t have many friends, acquitance. I have been become introvert, and Iam going to change it to extrovert, bcs, I have read a book how to reach succeed u need to iliminate shyness, make relationship with many ppl. But iam not that kind of person who can easily chit chat with other ppl except my bestfriends. But after I read this , u have changed my mind. we don’t need to become extrovert to become successful. If we do anything with hardwork, a sincere, accompanied with pray to God, we can reach the succeed.
    Iam very irritated with my personality, because I feel it makes me very sad and my life is become boring. when I was a kid, I don’t think about my personality, i am not shy, my life goes on, and i am very happy. then, I started feel not confident, always thinking about what ppl think about me. it makes me more introvert than I am before.
    but maybe it is my destiny, once I wish that I was an extrovert. I always compared with my sister who is an extrovert. And yes, like u have said, it looks like our weakness.
    And it saddens me the most. So I have a desire to become extrovert.
    Pretend to be extrovert is not the best way to become successful, it just make us too tired.
    Maybe I will change my bad habit which is not confident and shy.
    maybe it is not too late to read your article, thank you for inspiring me !!!


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