Voice Tap…

13 Apr

On sunday was the IIT-JEE. With the tabloids showing pictures of herds of students eager to give the exam, waiting outside the exam centers or even spending their night at railway stations, the IIT always gets all the spotlight. In a nation where every child’s parents have just one dream..”their child gets into the IIT no matter what it takes”.  Here’s one guy…correction one IIT fellow of mine, who keeps blowing my mind off with one or the other of his works. So, as it seems this fella is out there to inspire even more students to join the race for IIT , experience the life & on top of it all “Make a DIFFERENCE”…!

Coming back to the point, Mr. V @ VoiceTap…one of my stupid friends…ahemm…has joined hands with a very talented bunch of people & launched a webportal…  http://www.voicetap.in

This portal is one of a kind..it  allows people access to intangible knowledge that is not so easily available on the internet or in their zone of influence, by connecting them with relevant knowledge experts in a moderated and structured environment..From students to entrepreneurs they have something in store for everybody..!! Sounds strange to you?? Well see & experience for yourself.

For all of you out there, who are confused, don’t know what to do or worst…are actually sitting & thinking how to do…this is definitely for you…Voicetap is a platform where you get to speak and interact directly with experts: people who have ‘made it’ in the field that is relevant to you. The service is delivered over the phone – and the calls are scheduled based on the interest levels shown for that particular call..

here’s a slide share presentation of the same, do check it out… 🙂

P.S. – This one’s not just for a friend, i wrote this post as at the end of the day even i am impressed with the idea… 🙂


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