life ends but memories doesnt………..

5 Jan


If u luk back at ur lyf, there r events dat highlight ur past. Be dey sad or happy, dey stay wid u forever. dey r lyk a film playing in ur head. Everything seems so real as it waz happening to u all over again. The emotions, the feelings, dey seem as intense as dey were when d event actually happened.
In dese events, dere r some which r ur past mistakes. Changes r not always positive and different people react differently to a same situation.

Events may bring u closer to some people and dey may also become an eye-opener to reveal the honesty of others. A friend in need is a friend indeed-this phrase may seem childish and meaningless to some, but in reality this is wat rules d meaning of lyf. It is in times of worry and stress only that u look for a shoulder to cry on. It is dat time wen u need to know dat u r being thought of and cared for. But usually when u need someone badly, they seldom seem to care. One may not feel the absence of a friend in a joyous moment, but when one is lonely and sad, u miss only a person u r close to or a friend.

Lyf goes on just as seasons change and so does a person. The way of thinking changes and even friends change at times, but still memories remain. Memories of all those u have ever loved , ever cared for. Therefore, treasure them , they are the most valuable assets of ur life!

life ends but memories doesnt…..



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