26 Dec


I am sure nobody enjoys unsolicited advice and unsolicited counseling. I just hate it when people assume you need help and are forever ready with ‘quick-fix’ advice. By ‘people’, I mean those who are just ‘acquaintances’- the hi-bye types, those you ‘dislike’ to the core, and those ‘meddlesome’ types.

“If I were you”, “had I been in this situation”, “I think you should…”, “I suggest…”- all this claptrap is bloody pissing off.

It’s not annoying if the advice is coming from a good friend, a genuine well wisher, an experienced person, a stranger who really wants to help or genuine people who genuinely care.

Unsolicited opinions are just not welcome.

Why can’t people resist the temptation to advice?

I especially avoid those ‘insecure’ people who have somehow convinced themselves into believing the jhoot that they are living life to the fullest. They presume you are unhappy and launch into an unending, sermonish chatter on how you should start to live life to the hilt. This is merely a projection of the speaker’s own feeling of failure and inadequacy

just have a look at this commercial


One Response to “MUFT KI ADVICES..”

  1. shubhangi January 9, 2009 at 1:18 pm #

    i thoroughly njoyed tis thought n tat y postin my comment on tis particular thught…..


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