11 Dec

Life is a pendulum between a smile & a tear. Full of love, believe & fear.
It becomes a blessing & a gift, when there are people like you in it.
You are one of those special few, like the clear drops of dew.
Even time will fail to change, my respectful fondness for you.
You bring me joy & reasons to smile
May this friendship be as long as river Nile

So dear you are that gift to me. People often say that a man’s age is counted by the friends he keep. But I have a different perspective. I don’t make friends easily. For me friendship is a serious, honest, & emotional affair. Therefore I don’t make but rather choose friends.
And here is this note that comes your way to say-

“Thanks Ishita for being a friend to me


You have been a guide when I lost my way, a sister when I lost my calm, a support when I needed it the most, a hope when I spiraled into confusion, a peer when we shared every laugh, to sum up in my words, you have been a true friend. Your sweet smile, your caring hand, your measured advice, your calculated decisions, your happy spirit, your wise nature, your attractive charm, your devoted efforts, it all makes you special in your own way.

There’s fragrance of joy that we spread when we are together. Our childish laugh, our silly talks, those poor jokes,the not so good freak outs & naughty arguments…endless list. It’s all so memorable. And no matter wherever we go in the future your imprints will always be in my heart.
happy birthday




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