9 Dec


Feelin’ sad…ya and i dunno why?Sometimes i suddenly cry..for no reason at all,just feelin’ alone & its like no one could understand me?.No one here with me to talk or at least just to listen for a while or maybe im just avoiding everybody?I have this mood sometimes and i hate myself for this.I can be the happiest person infront of anyone,im always ready to give advices,talk like i have many experience in life so i can tell them what the best thing to do and(dont’s)I’m sick of it sometimes…why i cant do it for myself?How can i laugh that loud but deep inside me i feel like i’m the loneliest person in this world? Am i different to anyone?im just a simple person who wants simple life and simple happiness!But its like the people i love dont know what i feels?its really hard to please them…that everytime im blaming myself for all the damn bad things happening around me.Why the most important person in our life sometimes dont understand us?They’re even the one who hurt us or makes us down…but we can forgive them right away coz we love them!Nobody is perfect..probably no one!And its sad that someone we never intented to hurt…cant even forgive us?Why???That sometimes we cant even find the right word to tell them how sorry we are..to just forget the past and look forward…to forgive and forget because life is short & so much time are wasted now…


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