21 Nov

Silence is one of the strongest weapon that could ever be used.It can hurt you more than a zillions of words,torment you ,torture you,beyond your imaginations..They say COLD WARS are more deadly than ones on the battlefield.

But silence is BEAUTIFUL.. someone said this ages ago that ‘ Silence is golden” dont know about the golden as i have never been able to associate silence with any colour, but it is mysterious and enchanting nevertheless.

Just succumb yourself to it . Its addictive, its like a whirlpool, it drags you deeper and deeper in it and make you fall in love with it.

Have you ever tried practicing silence?? ya,,practice absolute silence-silence the voice around you, silence your thoughts, your emotions, will know what i mean if you have the patience to try it out..Trust me you will have a GREAT EXPERIENCE. Its like starting afresh, with a clean slate.. IT FEELS GREAT….!!!!

silence is a friend that will never desert you. The depth of silence represents the depth of your intellectual is able to reach. Your connectivity with silence gives you ease to connect with everything else .

silence is the language of all those who can speak without words. It is the language one speaks with the SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE . Its wat you say when you are not saying..Its the pause between one and two,..Its what distinguishes mind from soul..for while mind speaks our language, the soul speaks silence..!!!


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