Happy Diwali…!!!

27 Oct

I thought of writing something unheard of on this diwali..well today I saw it innumerable times on TV..actually news..that the age old Ramayana has been put to question by some members of the government. I don’t understand the point in getting in to the roots of Ramayana..all these people need, is a topic to fight on..give them a topic and they’ll stage a big issue over it..neway lets put all this bakwas aside, as it is this is not what I am planning to write..

With the evolving times everything has changed , from the bursting crackers & the clothes to the décor of our homes & the lifestyle as well..With some things going in the right direction but others going towards the flipsyde of the coin..

Yaar yeh kya hua in roads ko..?? I am not blaming the govt for this, but  then what can we do in dat…Today itself I thought of something that we can do…so, I know exactly what we can do… Har week road banate hai and fir wo apne aap hi ukhad jaati hai, itna heavy traffic load hai isliye…So I feel its more the mistake of the people driving on the roads, who keep driving on those potholes & draines(right in the middle of the road) & as a result these potholes end up growing in number & size (both )day by day…they should have chosen the footpath instead to drive their cars & bikes etc.  he he he…& the pedastrians (I kno they are already extinct in India…but this is for some of those who still exist after so much of encroachments on footpaths) should choose the roads to walk on..

The roads with what condition they are in at the moment are suitable only for dogs, pigs, cows, birds, squirrels, horses, monkeys, n other animals & ofcourse pedastrians…The vehicles should be banned from moving on them..footpath kisliye bana hai?? All vehicles should use the foothpath…wo poore jpr me banvaya gaya hai especially for this…uske baad toh mast..no need for traffic lights (unki  zarurat waise bhi nhi padti hai)…

I am sure everybody in jpr is so fedup of these roads…the newspapers & the local media are sick & tired of covering this situation & making this a big issue…& the jprites are also tired of complaining…but what can the authorities do…so I thought of this solution…other best option could be if people start building the lanes in front of their houses by themselves…so then it might be possible that we get to drive our vehicles on granites..or marbles instead of the regular cement for almost all the rich streets of the city…lol…just imagining the idea puts me on heels…I hope u enjoyed the idea as much as I did just thinking abt it…


Keeping all this aside..

Here’s wishing u a very Happy Diwali..!!!




As it is shown in the pic…Swami Vivekanada says..”

Come out into the universe of light. Everything in the universe is urs, stretch out ur arms & embrace it wid love




This is actually followed & implemented by only our government…They believe they are the king of this world..& can do whatever they wanna do wid the world around them…Isnt this histerical, but we cant do anything abt it..becuz we are the people who brought them in the place they are in..

Finally ending on a happy note…i’d rather say…” have lotsa fun…lotsa sweets…fire little or no crackers…have a safe n sound diwali!!!” Enjoy…!!! Take Care…!!!


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