25 Oct

Unlike as many people think my life has not been very smooth. It never is for anyone. There always are ups and downs.

Quite a while back , I was sitting with some of my friends, we were simply chatting about whats going on in our lives, when suddenly i lost the track of what was going around me. I didnt know whats going around me till one of my friends punched me on my arms and asked me what I was thinking. Obviously I said ” Nothing!! “. Then everybody looked at me and the same question was repeated. Then I answered , ” I dont really know, I just got lost.” That was satisfying enough for them I guess, because there was nothing else asked about it.

However, The fact is………I knew perfectly well what I was  thinking. I just couldnt bring myself to speak about it. I guess i was scared…. I AM SCARED…!!! I still havent spoken about it.

I am a person who believes that there is a reason for everything and that if there is an explanation, it should be given. But things do not always happen in our  favour…




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