The Fountainhead

28 Sep

I always wanted to write about THE FOUNTAINHEAD  ever since the day i finished reading it. I am sure many of us must have read this book… some would have loved and and some would have hated it. For those  of you who dont know the fountainhead  is one of the five works of fiction by Ayn Rand  who later developed the objectivist philosphy underlying all the books into series of non fiction works . She wrote  Night of january sixteen, Anthem and We the living before she wrote The Fountainhead.

The fountainhead is touted to be the best modern classics, I think its the greatest piece of work ever put down in ink. There may be some dispute among us as to which is better The Fountainhead ot Atlas Shrugged and though I give both of them their due respect, I would say that  I have a soft corner for the former.

If you were ever scorned and toss aside by your own creative ideas , then you will imediately connect with Howard Roark. Roark , a serious, young and intelligent character was expelled from the institute because his designs were ‘ just wrong ‘ while they were simply different and modern than most buildings. The book is about his struggle to make his designs a reality and he faces love , betryal, lawsuits and hatred.  I believed Roark to be a cold , cynical man in the beginning but I grew to love him and dislike those who frowned upon him. The hero fails several times, but rises again and again, not only to his own expectations , but he gained something far more interesting than he ever believed it to be possible. Roark is despised and loved , and he does not form opinions on others, he only thinks of himself. He was superlative yet effortless at anything he did . A man who thought pity and charity was a sin . In words of Ayn Rand , Howard Roark is ” a man who is what he should be”.

This book is divided into four parts based on the four types of people in this world. Against Roark was his complete opposite Ellsworth Toohey, a man who appealed to the masses . In between these two extremes was Peter Keating, one of the most successful architect, who studied with Roark in the same college but was always jealous of him  and tried to hurt him whenever he could but  still needed him.  and finally Gail Wynand, a successful businessman, a man who could have been just like Roark but lost his way  and was the one who suffered the most. There is ofcourse the heroine Dominique  Francon, who loves Roark the most but fights him till end. The book is basically the clast of ideologies with Roark winning at the end.

The fountain head is one of the greatest book i have ever read . and I confess it brazenly that this book has changed my life. Those who doubt themselves and wish to read a story of defeat and triumph tumbled into one.. and those who have plenty of time in their hand.. read THE FOUNTAINHEAD by AYN RAND.


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