A different perspective to..”Teamwork”..

15 Sep

Recently while surfing, I came across this presentation on “Teamwork lessons- from an age old fable”. Believe me, it was a startling presentation, the whole theme was exuberant. I thought I should share it with all of you…

This is the story of ”The Hare & The Tortoise”…

Once upon a time, the tortoise & the hare have an argument about who was faster. They decided to settle the argument with a race, & agreed upon the route & started of the race.

The hare started off very fast, & seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise he decided to take a little under a tree & then continue the race after sometime, for the tortoise was no where to be seen. So, he sat under the tree & soon fell asleep. The tortoise plodding on soon overtook him, & emerged as the undisputed champ in the race. The hare woke up & realized that he had lost.

So, the MORAL of the story is: “The slow & steady wins the race.” That’s atleast what we’ve heard.

But the twist is now further in the story..

The hare was disappointed with the defeat & did some soul-searching to find out that he had been over-confident, careless & lax. If he wouldn’t have taken things for granted he would have definitely won. So, he challenged, the tortoise for another race. This time the hare ran from start to the finish line, & won by several miles.

The MORAL of the story is: “ Fast & Consistent will always beat the Slow & Steady.”

But the story doesn’t end here…

The tortoise did some thinking this time, & realized there’s no way he can beat the Hare in a race of such a format. He thought for some time & then finally challenged the Hare to another race, at a different route this time. They started off, keeping with the promise the Hare had made to himself he ran on his top speed till he reached the bank of a river. The finish line was a few kilometers away on the other side of the river, but the hare couldn’t cross the river. So he kept sitting there & wondered what to do, while the tortoise overtook him & emerged successful.

The MORAL of the story: “First identify your core competency & then change the playing field to suite your core competency”

But the story hasn’t ended as yet..

The hare was not pleased with what had happened. So, this time he went again to the tortoise, & they decided to finish off the last race together as a team. They started off, this time the Hare carried the tortoise on his back, till they reached the river bank. & then the tortoise carried the hare on its back while it swam across the river. Then again when they reached the other side of the river the hare took over & carried the tortoise on his back.

This way both of them felt a greater sense of satisfaction & completed the race in much lesser time then earlier.

The MORAL of the story: ”Pooling resources & working as a team will always beat individual performers. So, teamwork is equally important.”

The story also teaches us a few more things:

· Never give up when faced with failure.

· Work to your competencies

· Compete against the situation & not against the rival.

Isn’t the story just too inspiring, I hope you like it as much as I did..!!


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