holding on memories….

9 Sep

We want something to last forever.. is it too much to ask for ?? I think NO because ‘it aint over till its over’. and OVER is a strong word. Feelings, people ,relationships, situations, thoughts seems to come and go..but they never really go away altogether. They leave something behind..a little bit of souvenir… and a little bit of themselves become a little bit of us.

I’m selfish.. I like to keep the good bits and and do away with the bad bits. I let the bad bits go to the back burner and and let them rot and get covered with dust. Its tough because its the good wits that whithers.. hold on them..

How many times are we plagued with the thought of loosing something we like very much. Its not just a passing thought now is it ? Sometimes  yo got to ‘let go’ of ‘holding on’!!


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