31 Jul

I often wonder … is bad luck really that common..??? or some people are destined to bad luck..they fall into traps often..maybe I’m one of them… or maybe I’m the one..!!!

A stupid thought crossed my mind, forcing me to jot down a couple of points to validate my argument..

  • Why is it so that i come face to face to the only person I’m avoiding …..does it ever happen with You??
  • Why is that there’s always a car parked infront of my car and i just have to keep waiting for the other guy to remove it??
  • feels like talking to a all the friends.but no one picks up the call.. 😦
  • Why is it that i keep on falling and tripping over VISIBLE things…???
  • THE word is there.. in your mind..big and bright..but when you want to say does’nt come out what should i say..??? mmmmmm…… FORGOT..!!!
  • Being caught up in funny and silly situations ..making me more sillier or probaby the silliest… WHY MEEEE??????
  • I feel sooo sleepy at times and when i try to sleep..I just cant sleep..!!! WHY…!!!
  • I just keep on forgeting important things ( do i have an amnesia???) …. calling up a friend and getting to know its her birthday.. sounds bad na..!!!  😦

the LIST is endless..but now i am used to it..I simply keep on smilling at these silly billy things..making me look even more stupid…  😦 and i actually cant help thinking .. IS MY GOOD LUCK ALSO BAD..!!!!


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