22 Jul


Why on earth should I pay taxes? Why on earth should I listen to ads that say “pay taxes” to taxpayers using the taxpayers’ money and without providing any services to me? Why should I subsidize the education of minister’s kids who will then pull out guns and injure me using the police protection that I provide them? Why on earth should the PM, who is my servant, tell me how I should go about using the money that I have earned? Why should my taxes be used in building empty airports in Bihar/UP? Why should my taxes be used to house ex-ministers and ex-babus? Why should I pay a so-called protection agency that does not protect me but prey on me? Why shouldn’t I revolt and just stop paying taxes? Why should not I vote with my wallet? Why can’t the ones, who are voting a buffoon to power, finance his whims and fancies? Why can’t all the taxpayers in India unite and just stop this bleeding? Won’t all the swagger and grandeur that these thugs show just disappear without money? Why can’t we treat the government like some sort of a service agency that cleans the roads and protects its customers? Why does it have to be full of moral priests who tell me what I should do with my money?

If we want to change, there really isn’t much time left. We just can’t keep running a welfare trust for the politicians and goons, by buckling under our supposed moral responsibility of feeding the starving millions of India. If I want to feed the starving millions of India, I’d rather do it myself than handing over the money to some kurta-clad thug with that insincere smirk on his face.


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