Look at the fuss around…most of which is in the name of God??

21 Jul

As can be predicted by the title and the pic above…I am writing about the main dilemma that exists in the minds of many people around the world…Right from the creation of the universe—to the existence of god, innumerable questions ponder in the minds of people from young to old…While most of these questions seem logical there are still a vast majority of them that are completely immaterial…Most importanat one of all of these being the “Existence of God”….

Recently i saw a typical melodramatic hindi movie…which shows god as in very simpler forms of life, portraying God to be present in any form, monitoring everything on earth from the heaven to being someone sitting next to us or even being a Paan waala for instance…Another fallacy depicted in the movie is the notion that God gives plus/minus points to evrybody, a person who does a good deed gets a plus point and vice versa…Although this notion is good to be taught to a little child, but i dont think its strong enough to trigger a level headed brain…Such movies put an even bigger question mark on the actual existence of god which till now even science has failed to prove…No scientist has been able to prove the existence of god as yet…but they do agree to an extent on this topic, that somewhere there exists this power/force which drives us…

When we look around us, what do we see?? Beggars begging in the name of “God” (eg. “Allah ke naam pe de de”)…people ready to kill each other in the name of god…People looking down at people of other religions…Just the name of God has become a very critical issue at the moment…With people around ready to fight with the govt. whenever it attempts to demolish a house of god(read temple, mosque, church etc.) i dont know why they fail to realise that God is not restricted to just the name of the religion or the formof God…Its time people take a step forward and act maturely for “God’s sake”…

Besides all this fuss we even have been taught in our childhood days that god resides in us…our inner self (rather called SOUL) is what makes a “Direct Connection” to God…I personally feel that when you have faith in yourself, you can do it…No one can stop you from winning, not even god if you work hard and push in your best…Undoubtedly I’d say that God exists, and i have faith in God…but that doesnt mean that i’d blindfold my eyes in the name of religion or god whatsoever…

The main motive behind my writing on an issue like this has been my seeing a news on a news channel the other day…It showed about a so called BABA…who’s a very famous preacher in India & abroad…He is renowned for showing people the path to Nirvana & even helps people with their problems…What this particular news channel claimed was that 2 children were killed by some associates of that BABA & adding to that were the faces of their remorseful familes being telecasted repeatedly, crying for justice…While the law system of the country brings forward the truth no man can touch that BABA or even point a finger against his associates who committed the crime…Why have we become so blind, that we have to depend on people like him to attend such people’s satsang(s) and all?? Why is it that we just can’t let go off such things & use our brains…Instead of spending our time & money on such BABA’s satsang’s we can always spend it on our work & other things where we’ll get fruitful results…

I think we should open our eyes and find an end to this chaotic situation..as the solution lies in our hands…its time we join hands and fight against such evil practises prevelent in our society…The quest for God is eternal…All that we know is that God lies within ourself…in our soul…its we who have the responsibility of keeping our soul alive…& staying away from the evil & fight for it as and when required…God is one & cannot be divided on the basis of casts, creed or color as we have divided people…All masses should unite, & i guess thats what will actually bring peace in our life’s & in our society…

I know in practice is sounds a tedious thing to even think off…but then as they say it “NOTHING’S IMPOSSIBLE”!!!


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